Divorcing status but still taking care of the family

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asked on May 3, 2018 at 10:48
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I would like to file for a divorce but mainly to remove the "husband & wife" status.

I'm staying with wife, 6 year old son, mother in law. This is the 2nd house I bought in 2017 (joined name by me and my parent).

My wife and I have another property for sale, this property is registered under our names.

Both house is still paying loan installment.

Wife is working full time while I am on freelancing jobs. However, I am covering 75% of both house loans, groceries, son's education fees and shuttling of family members all these while. Wife is paying about 25% of the house loans and utilities. 

My daily routine:

Fetch son to & back from kindergarten, teach homework, prepare food (in case mum in law is not cooking), fetch mum in law for groceries and food (at least once a week), shuttling them to medical checkups. Only the balance of times I am allocating to my freelance work.

Wife been addicted to online dropship agent biz and neglected the life as married couples, morning she off to work and back home by 6-7pm. after quick dinner she will be utilising her time to phone all the way till the sleeping time. At times we (myself & mum in law) forced her to spend time with son on homework & etc but lasts for less than an hour. 

I intend to take care of my mother in law & son which hoping they will be staying in the same house but would like to take away the title as "husband" as the ridiculous addiction to phone has cost the normal life of married couples, we are basically going apart, just within the same bed, no more interaction between us.

What is the better way to file for divorce? I am not trying to release myself from the responsibilities but I am taking care the family to the max but with unhappy marriage. Thanks.
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answered on May 3, 2018 at 12:30
I would like to file for a divorce but mainly to remove the "husband & wife" status.
There is no reason to remove the "husband & wife" status unless you want to re-marry.

Did you discuss divorce with your mother in law?

Don't think that divorce will be easy, fast or cheap.  You will be surprised.
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answered on May 3, 2018 at 23:16
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Who gets the child?

Both visit a Marriage Counselor to trash personal issues up.

Divorces with a 6-year old child is full of headaches and heartaches. The losers is both the child and the father. Be forewarned.
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