Notis Kebankrapan diberi semasa berada di luar negara

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asked on Apr 27, 2018 at 15:21
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Dear Mr. @vkpc 

Pertaining to your question>>>

Hi , 

How long have you been overseas? 
I've been leaving Malaysia / Malaysian company from; 

During the case at Mahkamah Shah Alam
from 16 Aug 2016 until 29 Jul 2017 - To UAE (return home for vacation for the first time after being in UAE on 26 Feb 2017 to 13 Mar 2017) 

29 Oct 2017 until 30 Jan 2018 - To Phnom Penh (Return to Malaysia every month to renew visa) - Malaysian Co

6th Feb 2018 To-date; In Indonesia - Indonesian Co

How many months? 
During the case in court/ Tuntutan dan Notis, I am already in UAE (Penyataan Tuntutan bertarikh 30 Nov 2016 dan Notis Tuntutan bertarikh 11 Nov 2016 seperti yang dinyatakan di dalam Penyataan Tuntutan) 

Do you have other houses in Malaysia besides the one that was sold by HSBC? 
No, I own nothing else (Assets)

Please start another thread as this thread is to focus only on Nin11 case.
I hope fellow Avengers Malaysia or whoever had legal experience/ knowledge could assist me further on my case. 

Nin11 case:
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