Child born out of wedlock to obtain visitor visa to New Zealand

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asked on Apr 17, 2018 at 16:36
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I have a question with the following facts:

- Mother gave birth to child in New Zealand (out of wedlock, supposedly illegitimate child?) 
- Came back to Malaysia to register for birth certificate (Borang W), both birth certificates from New Zealand and Malaysia do not have the fathers name in it as the father could not be found.
- Mother is working permanently in New Zealand with a working visa. 
- Mother intend to apply visitor visa for her son.
- New Zealand immigration request for legal document to prove she has sole custody + father's consent.

Does the mother have to go through any legal process to obtain custody of the child?
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answered on Apr 30, 2018 at 22:17
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Just wishful thoughts, non legal.

1. Go to a Commissioner Of Oaths or whatever they call them in New Zealand, to make a SD, Statutory Declaration that you are a Single Mother.

2. Go to the Malaysian Embassy to get your "Single" status of which you have not married before.

3. Get results of personal security checks which states that you never had a Paternity Lawsuit against you before.

How do obtain custody when there is no father stated in both the birth certificates?
A single mother status can be obtained in more than many ways..
a)  Biological father is married to another woman at time of child birth.
b)  The unwed mother runs away with the baby and gone into hiding.
c)  The father has a change of heart and wants to have share of child after some soul searching and guilt.

Paternity lawsuits could have occurred without the applicant declaration. Just proof of no lawsuits and your son is definitely yours ONLY.
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