Liable for death in a car accident?

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asked on Feb 26, 2018 at 13:34
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Friend was driving through yellow light and a motorbike came from the other direction and hit the car. The motorcyclist died on the spot. 

My friend was taken to the police station and was released after the statement was taken. 

It’s been a few weeks now and has heard nothing back and he is getting nervous. Will he be charged for murder? Liable for the death?

He does not want to approach the police to find out anything and is also not reaching out to the victims family. Appreciate advise on the above please.
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answered on Feb 26, 2018 at 14:10
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by   jeff005
He will not be charged for murder, but can be charged for dangerous and reckless driving. If convicted could be a jail term and/or a heavy fine plus ban for driving for a few years.

A lot of factors and circumstances is involved. There can be  claims from the deceased family. For fatal accidents they can be 2 types of claims, namely  dependency claim  and  estate claim.

The right to bring an estate claim is provided under section 8(5) of the Civil Law Act 1956:

(5) The rights conferred by this section for the benefit of the estate of deceased persons shall be in addition to and not inderogation of any rights conferred on the dependants of deceased persons by section 7 and so much of this section as relates to causes of action against the estates of deceased persons shall apply in relation to causes of action under the said section as it applies in relation to other causes of action not expressly excepted from the operation of subsection (1).
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