How to transfer a property if a property is still under the developer's name

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asked on Jan 30, 2018 at 16:17
by   SUNNY_92
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by   SUNNY_92
Hi everyone

A vendor (my friend) want to sell his property to another to get some financial assistant from the purchase by cash and the vendor need the money urgently. however, when the lawyer conducted a land search and it shows that the property still under the name of developer and the property is terrace house and by right the property can get its strata title from the land office very fast. This vendor had purchased the property on 2012 and until now the title still havent register under his name.

The vendor eagerly wants to sell his property out now and is there any ways for him to do so as the property is not under his name so he cannot sign the SPA now? 

Can the purchaser paid the purchase price and enter a caveat while waiting for the title to be transfer to the vendor's name? or is there any suggestion for the better ways to settle the sale and purchase?

Please advise, thank you
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