Missed a flight and denied boarding on return flight. MAS denied my monetary claims

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asked on Jan 25, 2018 at 15:15
I booked a return flight and due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make it for the outbound flight. Changing the date is somewhat expensive and so I bought another ticket from another airline and flew on a later date.

A day before the return flight, MAS sent me an email that online check-in is available. I was unable to check-in and proceed to call MAS customer service. The customer service agent informed me that there was no issue with my reservation and I just have to check in at the airport. However, on the return flight, the ground crew was unable to issue me a ticket. The ground crew instead advise me to contact the ticket agent / customer service. After a frustrating 50 min of long distance call, they just refuse to issue me a ticket.

At the end, I had to buy another flight ticker through another airline to return home. Upon returning, I lodge a complaint with MAS. This was their feedback:

May we refer to Article 6.7 of our General Conditions of Carriage does state the following:

“6.7 Cancellation of Onward Reservation Made by Carrier”

“If you do not use a reservation and fail to advise us in advance, we will cancel or request cancellation of any unused onward or return reservations for your journey.”
I am still dissatisfied at the response and the article itself. The article uses the word "OR" meaning that they would either cancel onward OR return reservations. But not both and they cannot cancel arbitrarily, isn't it? Furthermore, they did not explain the case whereby I called them a day before the returned flight and they were the ones who had assured me that there was no issues with my return flight.
Can any language expert or law expert comment on this? Thanks.
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answered on Feb 6, 2018 at 10:21
This has nothing to do with laws nor language terminology.
It is just Airlines policy to  make more monies in conjunction with immigration policies aka Immigration Controls?

Depending on which country you have visited, you have been given  Free Visa and Free Tourist Pass for 30 days. In the entry and exit forms you have signed upon arrival, you may have stated the number of days you are staying and details of onward flight reservations. Without informing them of any cancellations, you may have breached travel procedures.

they were the ones who had assured me that there was no issues with my return flight. 
Did you inform them that you had not used the reservation and at the same time did not inform MAS?
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