Dutch ex-partner ran away. Unmarried Malaysian living overseas with his child.

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asked on Jan 12, 2018 at 19:50
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I am unmarried and I live in Holland. The man who brought me to here ran away with other woman when I was pregnant with his 3rd child. He even asked for abortion. So I didn't fill in his info in birth certificate. 

1. Is that possible for her to get Malaysian citizen? She has no nationality now.
2. Is that possible to not to let him recognized her? He is now wanna claim her and want to have shared custody.
3. I went to court yesterday, the judge wants to ignore Malaysian laws and grants him recognition, change of surname, maybe later custody also. Is there any Malaysian laws to protect me and my girls?
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answered on Jan 14, 2018 at 23:16
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@ Esk80 

The Judge is sure to grant him recognition. That's is my personal view.

As for these:-
His lawyer said I am not Muslim so the law is not there to protect me.
What makes his lawyer mention this. What Muslim Shariah Laws your lawyers have quoted?

12. He didn't want to live with them. But want to take them 1 weekend for every 14 days and half of school holidays.
Basically, he is asking for  ACCESS RIGHTS.. It is up to you and your lawyers to find ways to limit this access but cannot deny any access as they are his children.

Child custody fights is always complicated. From the points you have posted above, the Judge will grant him recognition and  access rights. And it is legitimate.

My lawyer will never post anything here.
He/she told you? Pride may end up losing this case.
It is you who is posting the transcripts. From the above, your custody lawyer is not that experienced and is losing grounds.

There are so many things you can bring to contest the access rights.
1.  Does he have the appropriate facilities to house the 3 children during school  holidays?
2.  Is that new woman in a cohabitant relationship with him now? If she is, the chances of the children being abused cannot be ruled out.
3.  Will it be appropriate for the girls to follow him during the school holidays when the girls is too young or when they reach teenage puberty? Their ages is at do re mi reaching puberty at different stages.
4.  Why is there a change of heart now to have access now when there is  "abandonment"  in the first instance. He is struck with a disease and cannot procreate again?

Post the exact transcripts and the basis of him filing this case. Sharing of ideas from forumers located here may put you at vantage point. There are many street  fighters here.

You are not in a Family Court as there is no Marriage. right?
Use Laws of the Jungle..!!
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