Lost Passport for an American in Malaysia

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asked on Jan 8, 2018 at 04:33
by   Martha
Not sure what to do. My passport is lost and I may have overstayed. Will they have a record on file at the Embassy?
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answered on Jan 8, 2018 at 09:35
by   jeff005
I may have overstayed. 
You mean that you cannot remember things that happened 3 months ago? That is the duration allowed under the social visit pass.

My passport is lost 
Go get a new temporary one from your embassy

Will they have a record on file at the Embassy?
Did you record your presence to the Embassy upon arrival?

If you have just overstay for a very short period, just go seek help from the US Embassy  QUICK. It attracts very minimal fines and no BAN on re-entry. The longer you delay, the bigger the complications. Proof of entry can be by Airlines Ticketing, credit card purchases at local establishments, etc etc

I have always taken pics of all my travels overseas, entry and exit immigration stamps, Airline Ticketing invoices, Boarding Pass and send it to 2 email accounts for record purposes.. Just in case my passport is stolen.
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