Multiple entries on social pass and was given special pass. Will I be blacklisted from entering Malaysia?

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asked on Dec 28, 2017 at 13:43
by   Dejobog
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I would like to hear what is the usual outcome after what just happened to me.

I had multiple entrances social visit visa and I came to Malaysia in October first time. Stayed 30 days, went to Thailand and stayed 30 days there, came back to Malaysia and stayed around 25 more days.

After that I tried to go to Singapore, and I won't lie, I would probably try to stay 3-4 days there and come back one more time to Malaysia (2 days before my visa validity period expires) and get 30 more days to stay in Malaysia.

I guess this is not acceptable for some reason and even though no one explicitly accused me of trying to do this, they hinted it at Singapore borders and rejected my entrance. They gave me a letter that I had to show to Malaysian immigration officer and sent me back to them.

Malaysian immigration officer then gave me a special pass instead of 30 days social pass, and gave me a week time to leave the country, by 1 January 2018. I got some sealed letter and some special pass note attached in passport along with special pass stamped in passport.

So far I didn't break any law, overstayed, paid any fine or anything similar. Do you think they will put me on blacklist when I try to leave the country? 
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