Penang, Malaysia immigration stamp "Im 96 (C) P/LTA /bertarikh 17Nov2017"

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asked on Dec 27, 2017 at 14:53
by   jdutch
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This is a great forum and would like to say, I spent many hours reading the forum's Q&A  on immigration that may relate to my situation.  If possible I would like any additional info and suggestions for the following comments.

I am a retired USA citizen and on 17Nov2017 returning to Penang I was denied entry into Malaysia at the airport. Previously visited Malaysia as a tourist with 2 legal exits in the past 6 months.  After questions and reviewing my passport for 5 minutes the Penang's immigration officer/supervisor said, "I stayed too long in Malaysia and I had to go home"  So within the hour they put me on a return flight (airplane) back to Medan, Indonesia.

My question is, in my passport they stamped, Im 96 (C) P/LTA /bertarikh 17Nov2017. What does this mean? and from who-how can I get the stamp removed from my passport? 

I plan to return to Malaysia soon as a tourist and would like to know if I'm going to have any problems entering Malaysia. 

Thanks for your help.
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