Returning to Malaysia after getting banned

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asked on Dec 14, 2017 at 02:32
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I was wondering if I could return to Malaysia after being deported recently. I was working within an organization with a reputable post (Asst. GM) and I had a history of over stay, so the company got me the work permit which was processed by an agent, which turns out be fake and I was held at KLIA while I was going out of the country.

Story short, I was held in depot KLIA, sent to Mahkamah and got fined RM 14,000 which the company paid and was I deported back to my country with a ban til 2022.

Now the company is willing to call me back into the country and says will clear my history with Immigration (even they might need to pay thousands). Is this really possible? Pay to clear the ban?

Need suggestions. Thank You.
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answered on Dec 14, 2017 at 10:17
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I had a history of over stay

1. The history of overstay has been committed as a result of the fake work permit or already in existence before joining the company?

2.  The company paid RM14,000 How much was your penalty? (any Breakdown?)

says will clear my history with Immigration
Can "History" be erased?

Can appeal for a shorter  BAN  after 1 year period under special circumstances. Do not be cheated by agents again.
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answered on Dec 14, 2017 at 14:31
edited Dec 18, 2017 at 05:36
Thank you jeff for your time.

It was already in existence before joining the company. In total 3 years and some months till July 2017. And I worked with that company for more than 2 years. Registered under MyEG illegal rehiring (that also turned out be fake). I knew it something was up but everytime I want to return or resign I was offered with increments incentives and benefits. (Since I made a lot of fortune for that company).

RM10,000 was for overstay and remaining for fake visa sticker and no entry stamp on my current passport (the passport I entered Malaysia with was lost and I was unable to justify it somehow to my investigation officer, that added up the charge)

Ya that's the point jeff, duly noted, I suspect that the history will always be there. The moment I will put my index fingers on biometric scanner, it will scream the history out loud.

The company paid everything to get me out of that trouble and apologized for being so ignorant by awarding me with some extra financial benefits.

I came back to my country, I have a new passport now but I am really reluctant to send it to the company for visa processing (as I explained earlier). Yet they send me reminders every 3 days.

And to be honest I don't mind stepping back into Malaysia if everything will be taken care of in a legal and proper manner.

What do you suggest should I send my passport or not?
While I duly noted that Do not be cheated by agents again.

Thank you again. 
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answered on Dec 14, 2017 at 15:18
edited Dec 18, 2017 at 05:54
@ mel988

Your case is of a different nature. You will come under Expat Working Pass. There is no need to send your original passport here for the application I cannot comment much without viewing what was the entry/exit stamp on both old and new passports.

1.  PDF your new passport and send clear copy to your employer to make the applications. Expat Work Pass is different from what was discussed here regularly on this forum. You may have special skills that that company requires. There is a remote possibility that your application can be "reviewed for special considerations" and "shortening" of the BAN period.

2.  I noted that you have been slapped with the max of RM 10,000 which was unusual for 3 years overstay. It could be because of the faked visa pass and/or a registered company is taking the tab.

3. No jail term meted out during the Immigration Court case, means you were not implicated in the forgery process but as a victim.

4.  There is no harm sending your particulars to potential employers  BUT  not the passport. If the application is approved, you will receive notifications to come into Malaysia to complete the balance to medical and documentation process. Let the company pay for the two way tickets. No costs to you if you are not working currently. Worst case scenario, you will just be turned back, that's all. There will be no arrest nor detention at the airport as it is International "Space".  Make sure that they are aware that there were "infringements of Immigration Travel Laws" in Malaysia before, in the application, parallel with an  APPEAL  to shorten the BAN. Bring along all docs in relation to the job and apply from the Malaysian Embassy for a "Visa For Reference" to complete the process. Who know, maybe Santa Claus may send you this gift?

MyEG is not a fraud company but it lacks minute critical info. To qualify you have to possess a Valid Working Pass  before. Bogus agents exploited this detail and tell poor workers it can be "done". And when it cannot be done (MyEG does not reply), they (agents) give people a fake sticker.

Please do take note that I do not work in Immigration, but based of the experience of helping those in immigration issues and sharing of info.
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