Scammed by UK boyfriend and courier agent

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asked on Dec 11, 2017 at 16:36
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I have a friend from UK. I knew him from Instagram. He told me he works as Petroleum Engineer. 2 weeks ago he sent a gift to me before he went to Bolivia for offshore Contract.

A few day later I got a call from a courier agent from Malaysia. She asked me to pay around USD 1,226 to claim the gift. I paid them because my friend from UK asked me to pay and told me he already put money in the gift for me to claim my money back. He told he gave money to me as surprise gift. I was just surprised at the time.

After I made the payment to the courier agent, they called me again and told there are money in USD currency in the gift. I must pay them the money because if not they will make a report that the money is smuggled. This time, they asked me to pay around USD 3,679.17. I told my UK friend about that. He just asked me to find the money to claim the gift. I'm really afraid at the time. I borrowed money from my family but they did not know the real situation I have to face. I've also used all monies in my savings.

After I made the second payment they told they will deliver the gift coming morning. But once again the courier agent called me again she told I need to pay money for GST because the money in the gift is very huge amount. It can buy one house. I was very shocked. I asked my UK friend again... he told me he put huge amount of money in the gift because he wants me to help him to buy house at Malaysia. I told the courier agent I have no money anymore. She told me to pay around 36791.75 if not the money will be confiscated by Bank Negara.

She then told me that she'll help me make an appeal to pay less. My UK friend forces to find the money to claim the gift. He does not want me to lose all the money in the gift parcel. He further told me that I can claim back the money I've paid after I receive the gift.

I try to call the agent courier but cannot be reached until today. I really do not know what to do. I've already lost all my money. Please help me. Thanks.
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