Target of Harassment: Situation worsen after making police report. How to deal with it?

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asked on Dec 9, 2017 at 18:46
by   Born Loser
edited on Dec 17, 2017 at 22:42
This is a very serious issue for my sister.

a) My sister has been facing harassment (indirectly) from a man at hew address.  The man is angry because he says she 'malu' him and his family by reporting him to the police.  His harassment is like the following:

i. He moved in to the apartment above her then proceed to disturb her at night by making all kinds of loud noise.

ii. She never complain to Joint Management Body (JMB) because her friends said just ignore him, he will go away.  

iii. Then he went around to all her neighbours saying she is a bad woman, mentally unstable etc etc..... my sister then made a police report.  

iv. It got so bad that this man used microphones to record her conversations.  He would go to her neighbours and playback her conversations. 

v. Police say don't confront him in his apartment as he can accuse her of harassing him.

She consulted ex police officer who advised her to make police report every time he does something.  But problem is he does not do it directly to her.  Everything he is doing is mental torture.  Anyway she keep making police report, police say they cannot do anything because no proof.  Ask her to find proof.

Now this man is planning to sue her for harassment because of the police reports she made about him and because she called his wife's church and asked the Priest to advice him. Saman malu (defamation suit) because she complained to the church and to a neighbour.  She overheard him telling his friend, I don't want to see her face on this earth.

My sister is 40 plus and homely person. We are not highly educated people and don't have money to fight this devil.

Part 2 - Criminal

This man called our father to complain about my sister... my father scolded him and threatened him saying he knows all about this man. This man recorded the conversation on his phone now plan to charge my father who is 76 years old and handicapped.

Can he charge my father? Don't know what to do.

Asking for help from all learned and experienced sifus.
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answered on Dec 9, 2017 at 19:21
by   vkpc
It got so bad that this man used microphones to record her conversations. 
He would  go to her neighbors and playback her conversations.

Tell your sister to speak softly so her conversations cannot be recorded.  Problem solved.
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answered on Dec 9, 2017 at 20:00
by   jeff005
edited Dec 17, 2017 at 22:46
To deal with this type of anti-social mentally deranged people.. just be more "mental"  than them. Problem solved. Police reports are of no use.

I lived with a bully in a farm. He is 15 years younger than me and double my size. He pushed me down a flight of concrete stairways. Not injured, I went to the market next morning and bought a "sickle" and showed his friends (not to him) and I told them I am putting in under my pillow for self protection. See who can sleep better every night?

plan to charge my father who is 76 years old and handicapped.
Empty threats. Bring your father to a court house in a wheel chair. See who will be thrown out of the court? 

The more you are scared of bullies, the more they will do more monkey tricks.

We are not highly educated people 
Higher education and monies are not a barometer for "fights". Just use the balance of your EQ, and be more streetwise. Be a street fighter!
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