Safe deposit box break in

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asked on Nov 30, 2017 at 02:50
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by   Eswar81
The Bank Branch Safe Deposit Box Break-in.

I been renting safe deposit box at setapak branch since Nov 2012. A standing instruction also been done for the annual deduction of rental. As for the first year I took extra insurance policy for the safety of the box but for the following year onwards I choose not to take the insurance policy but only rental. For the term year
2013-2014, & 2015 -2016 where an officer will acknowledge me before deduct money from my account for the rental and at the same event the officer will ask if I want to opt for the insurance which I do not take from 2013 onwards.
-Upon checking insurance was taken for the year 2016-2017 without my consent using the money which supposedly used for the rental.

Chronology of event :

-Suddenly on 19 Oct I received sms saying my insurance policy is expiring.
-on 20 Oct 2017 I went Setapak Branch to find out the insurance matter and surprised that my safe deposit box was force open by the bank being reason told to me that rental was not paid. Further I ask wit the manager upon
 findings why the bank didn't use the money deducted from my account according to the standing insurance  for the rental
 instead of the insurance which I didn't ask for?
 No satisfied answer given and the manager sounds arrogant which is unpleasant.
-23 Oct a police report was done by myself.
-24 Oct an official email sent to the bank customer service and BMN, then an acknowledgement given by both parties.
-1 Nov 2017 received email from BNM instruct the bank to investigate the issues and sent and outcome within 14days.
-15 Nov No response from the bank, after few email that I sent,
- 17 Nov then  Miss A from  Correspondence Unit request for 5 working days more time.
- 23 Nov 2017 Mr A sent an email after my numerous attempt to get an answer form the bank saying the matter is being attended.

-25 Nov 2017 after a month, and 25 days from time given by BNM I still haven't received any proper feedback explanation from The bank.
- 29 Nov received email from the bank asking for additional 2 weeks time.

I'm plan to seek compensation from the bank. So kindly advice me on how I should bring up this case, what should I do further and how much should I demand for the compensation.

Thank you.
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answered on Nov 30, 2017 at 21:38
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There is no need for the bank to "force open" their own deposit box, they have keys. There is no mention of any "losses" nor quantum of Claims. You should get the services of a good lawyer.
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