Discharge from Bankrupt

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asked on Nov 26, 2017 at 02:06
by   Lewis95
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by   Lewis95
Greetings for all the lawyers and friends here, plaese give me some suggestion on how hw to help my friend in this case. My friend as a sister and her sis in law had borrowed the OD from a bank for her brother to open a company. The amount they borrowed was around RM 88,000. However, the bank ask them to pay back the money owed by they cant afford to pay and be adjudged bankrupt at around 2006. The amount ordered to be paid was around RM123,000.00 with 8% per annum. To be honest, my friend had consented to pay around RM 100.00 every month after she being charged for contempt of court for disregard the order to make payment back to bank. 

Now, my friends and her sister-in-law are sincerely wanted to discharge from bankruptcy status, and my friend's brother had passed away while the company he managed doesn't exist anymore. 

May i know what my friend going to do next in order for her and her sis in law to be discharge in a cost and time effective manner? May i know if they think of engage a lawyer how much estimated for the legal fees? Please assist in this matter. Your reply and any suggestions given are very much appreciated. Thank you everyone.
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answered on Nov 26, 2017 at 03:19
by   suzy
There is no need for lawyer services.
Google Search at the top of this web page
" Discharge from Bankruptcy "
The answers you are asking is there.
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