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asked on Nov 21, 2017 at 14:36
by   sofea
Hi there. Would like to ask if anyone who is malaysian have experience married abroad with non-malaysian. What should we do after return to Malaysia?

I read some article online which is stated we need to go to registrar of marriage in Malaysia so they can recognize of our marriage.

Im married to non-Malaysian abroad on 28 July 2017. Im in Malaysia right now. And my husband still in his country because he got problem with immigration. So, is there any way to register our marriage even though he can't be in Malaysia for few years. But, i still wants to register our marriage.

Is there anyone who know the procedure ?
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answered on Nov 23, 2017 at 04:48
by   jeff005
@ sofea 

Personal opinions only, non legal

To file an appeal case, it can be done in the Civil or Immigration Courts.
You have to prove
1.  There is no intention to overstay
2.  Mislead and cheated by fake agents
3.  Intention for marriage before cheated by agents
4.  A legal marriage was conducted overseas and properly registered with our Malaysian Embassy.

The other option is that is whether to file it in a Syariah Court as it is pertaining to Family Issues. Pls take note that syariah lawyers can be expensive. You can approach BBG for subsidised fees. 

From my readings of Sunnis and Shias marriages issues, I have read from Arabic scholars from Cairo universities that there is a clause that the Muslim man must provide for the wife, give mental and moral support to the wife esp during child birth and fatherly support to the children. In Islamic laws, you two are already husband and wife. If he cannot come back to complete the Malaysian part of civil marriage, there is already an injustice to the both of you. For unintentionally breaking overstay laws, he has been "punished" for one year no entry, it will be harsh for a 5 years ban.

If you have the funds, can try. Don't try means 100% cannot. IMM depts are full of fathers and mothers, they can be sympathetic, including the Judges.
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