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asked on Nov 17, 2017 at 01:15
I received a call from a guy (mobile no. 018-xxxxxxx), he claimed that my name was a guarantor to a hire purchase car and the owner didn't pay for the installment. He on behalf of bank, wanted me to settle the outstanding immediately. I told him that I never be or sign any letter as a car guarantor before, but he keep repeating said that my IC copy & payslip was attached as guarantor. I stop arguing with him, asked for car plat number & bank name, and told him that I will contact the bank myself to verify this case.

The car was belong to my ex-husband (TAN xxxxxx), tenure 7 years start from June 2004 to May 2011. Called RHB Bank and confirmed that the car owe amount RM8xxx and the last payment date was year 2009.

That time i know he bought the car, but I didn't noted that I'm the guarantor to that car because I never sign any documents before. We divorced in year 2008 and lost contact since 2008 until now. 
I believed that my ex-husband stole my info & sign the documents on behalf of me. I already make a police report on this last weeks and will submit it to RHB and request investigate this matter.

All this year, I was RHB credit card user, even applied for personal loan before (already settled). RHB should have my contact & address, but I never received calls & letters about this car guarantor outstanding matter. My CTOS & CCRIS was clean, housing loan approved.

Now me & my friend keep receiving calls & sms from different mobile number chasing for the money, want to enforcement action & send letter to my house, sms attention was to the car owner (we are Celcom user, previously the line was registered under my friend name, already transferred to me, the Celcom statement showed my friend name but in system showed IC was mine, already complaint to Celcom so so many times but still no changes)

What should I do after i submit the police report to bank? What if the bank show the signed document and I can't proof that was not my signature, is it i need to pay such amount???

Any advice how to deal with this situation?
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answered on Nov 17, 2017 at 20:25
That was an empty threat from the bill collectors. Just ignore it.
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answered on Nov 21, 2017 at 15:01
OK, will just ignore it. Thanks Mike
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