Petisyen Pemiutang - Hearing on 14/11/2017

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asked on Nov 10, 2017 at 23:51
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by   DingXiang
Hi All,

Please advise.

   First, let me tell you that I had no idea how big/complicated bankruptcy proceeding is/could be until I came across this page. I realize now that I have been a complete noob all this while.

   I had a personal loan with X Bank for RM 30000 and was paying the monthly installments diligently until the end of 2014 because my father got into an accident and had to quit working at the exact time I bought 2 cars, one for me and my father.So, I decided to sell 1 of my cars to my ex-friend and his family who at the time promised to pay me the RM 10000+ I paid as Deposit for the car. I passed the car to them as agreed. (They have been using it since Day 1)

   I fell into woe after woe and had such financial crisis that I could not settle my bank loan and in December 2016, I was contacted by a staff from X Bank's Collection Department who told me I am already a bankrupt (liar) and I must settle the account to avoid further action. I agreed to settle and she gave me an offer to settle my RM 39000++ outstanding for RM 25000. 

  After getting the offer letter, I requested my friend's family who had spent the past 2 years asking me to wait for my friend's brother to come back from overseas to settle my payment, to pay me the amount they owe me as I am already at the end of the line. They also owed more money to me as I have also lent them money of almost RM 10K apart from the car. Long story short, the whole family screwed me over and told me that they had always thought that this was a "sambung bayar" and they "don't remember" of ever agreeing to pay me the deposit. (I know that normally it's considered 'burned' but I considered these people as family and believed them, otherwise I would have just sold the car then or gave it up for rental instead of getting stuck in debts) and since ours was a verbal agreement, there was nothing I could do. I was financially still unstable and in a lot of stress as my father passed away just sometime before this happened. They made it sound as if it was all my fault and I am bad with finances (I agree and am not blaming anyone else for my troubles, as I had been stupid to trust them but it's not those scoundrel's place to tell me and they are practically cheated me.) This was at the end of 2016. Anyway, the offer from the Bank expired since I cannot pay the RM 25000.

   So, it's 2017 and I went and collected a notis Petisyen Pemiutang dated 5-May-2017 from the Lawyer's office itself and have since been in negotiation with the bank to settle my account.
The bank staff at the time told me to pay at least RM 500 in May 2017 at least to cover the interest charges and I did as asked. They also promised that the proceeding is temporarily on hold while I pay.
   To my surprise, I did not receive any other notice from them until an agency contacted my with the newspaper clipping of the ad X Bank posted in New Straits Times about my case. The trial is on 14/11/2017. 

   My question is, I have called the bank's lawyer today and asked her whether we could do a penangguhan of my case as I am in the midst of selling the 2nd car to my backstabbing ex-friend and also will receive a few thousands this month and in February 2018 next year which I can use to settle the bank loan at least partially.
   She told me to just come to the hearing and tell the judge that I want to do a penangguhan of the case and judge will grant it. I asked whether I need to file any notis bantahan or saman dalam kamar, and she said no need.

   She just told me to come and that it is up to the judge to approve my request of penangguhan.
She also said that PKP will normally grant the penangguhan if I was present. Is this true? Is it okay if I did not file any notice before I ask for penangguhan? Also, what are the reasons I can give and what exactly do I have to tell them to give me time to settle the amount with the bank?

Please advise.
I am really confused and really really use the help.
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answered on Nov 11, 2017 at 16:49
My case number is NO.: 29NCC-1707-10/2016 

There should be an alphabetic code before the ..29 NCC.  eg. WA-29NCC.. for Kuala Lumpur court.
Since your case are from Seremban Court it should be like.. NA-29NCC..

Based on the number you provided there are no such hearing on 14 Nov at the Seremban High Court Civil.

The only RHB case schedule on 14 Nov 2017 is for the case number given by mike  above ..NA-24FC-638-09/2017

You can check by case number or by date... here.

Regardless of the above... pls attend court on the specific day as you were noticed.. to be safe.
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answered on Nov 11, 2017 at 16:59
i went to
then went to Senarai Kausa
and searched under case number
29NCC-1707-10/2016 but found nothing.

Then i searched by hearing date for
but that case number is not in the list for that day.

How now?
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answered on Nov 11, 2017 at 19:18

This is odd. But this was the court case number, court and date that was stated in the notice in the newspaper and even the bank's lawyer confirmed it when I spoke to her.
Is this normal? Does this mean that there will be no hearing?
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answered on Nov 11, 2017 at 21:54
Please post image of notice in the newspaper without any editing or blanking.
What document did you collect from their lawyer office and where is it?
If you don't give enough information, nobody can help you.
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 19:39
edited Nov 13, 2017 at 19:41
by   DingXiang

I managed to go to court today and get some of the documents in the file. But the person at the counter said that the documents are not necessarily updated. Please find the documents below.

I managed to get the Saman Dalam Kamar and Petisyen Pemiutang.


N 1 2 
BER (*****name removed*****) (NO. K/P *****IC removed*****) 
SAMAN DALAM KAMAR (EX-PARTE) (Untuk Penyampaian Ganti bagi Petisyen Pemiutang) 
BENARKAN S EMUA P liAK yang berkenaan h adr di hadapan Penolong Kanan Pendaftar, Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya di Seremban dalam Kamar pada 24 JUlai 2017 pada pukul 2.30 petang untuk mendengar permohonan Pemiutang Penghakiman untuk Perintah bahawa:- 
Petisyen Pemiutang bertarikh 09.05.2017 dan Afidavit Mengenai Kebenaran Pernyataan-pernyataan Dalam Petisyen Pemiutang yang diikrarkan oleh Nor Ashikin Binti Sulaiman pada 08.05.2017 (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Petisyen dan Afidavit tersebut") hendaklah ditaksanakan secara penyampaian ganti ke atas Penghutang Penghakiman dengan menampalkan sate salinan bermeterai Perintah Untuk Penyampaian Ganti yang dibuat atas pendengaran permohonan ini di atas Papan Notis Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya di Seremban dan juga di tempat yang mudah dilihat di premis di alamat terakhir Penghutang Penghakiman yang diketahui iaitu di No. *******************Address removed**************************************** dan dengan mengiklankan satu Notis di dalam suratkhabar harian tempatan berbahasa Inggeris iaitu "New Straits Times" dan penyampaian secara penampalan-penampalan dan pengiklanan tersebut adalah dianggap sebagai penyampaian yang sempurna dan cukup bagi Petisyen dan Afidavit tersebut ke atas Penghutang Penghakiman selepas penamatan tujuh (7) hari dari tarikh akhir penampalan dan/atau pengiklanan tersebut; 
(b) Kos permohonan ini ditanggung oleh Penghutang Penghakiman; dan 
Alasan-alasan permohonan ini secara ringkas adalah seperti berikut, 
(i) bahawa tiga kali percubaan telah dibuat oleh kerani dan/atau penyampai notis kami, 
Ahmad Taufik Bin Yahaya (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Penyampai Notis 
tersebut") di ******************Address removed************************* pada 17.06.2017, 24.06.2017 dan 
13.07.2017 untuk penyampaian Petisyen dan Afidavit tersebut kepada Penghutang 
Penghakiman tetapi masih juga gagal menemui Penghutang Penghakiman; 
(ii) maka permohonan ini perlu bagi membolehkan Petisyen dan Afidavit tersebut 
tersebut disampaikan kepada Penghutang Penghakiman secara penyampaian ganti 
memandangkan walaupun segala usaha-usaha yang munasabah telah diambil untuk 
menyampaikan Petisyen dan Afidavit tersebut secara penyampaian kediri kepada 
Penghutang Penghakiman tersebut tetapi ianya masih gagal diserahkan. 
Alasan-alasan terperinci adalah sepertimana dicatitkan dalam Afidavit Sokongan 
Munirah Binti Mustapha dan Afidavit Tanpa Penyampaian Ahmad Taufik Bin Yahaya 
yang mana kedua-duanya diikrarkan dan difailkan di sini. 
Bertarikh 24 JUL 2017 ,2017 
Kehadiran Peguam dikecualikan 
Perintah. Seperti dipohon 
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 19:50
Petisyen Pemiutang....

: ****Name removed***** (NO. K/P : *****IC Removed*****) 



Kami, RHB BANK BERHAD sebuah bank yang didaftarkan di Malaysia di bawah Akta Syarikat 1965 dan mempunyai alamat penyampaian di Litigation Unit, Operation Support Department, Retail Collection & Recovery Division, Level 11, Cap Square Tower, No.10, lalan Munshi Abdullah 50100 Kuala Lumpur. 

Saya, ***Name removed*** (NO. K/P ****IC removed***** ) adalah Pengurus Kanan C'Senior Manager") bagi pihak RHB BANK BERHAD yang diberi kuasa dibawah meterai syarikat untuk menandatangani dan mengemukakan Petisyen ini adalah dengan ini mempetisyen kepada Mahkamah supaya satu perintah penerimaan dibuat berhubung dengan harta pusaka ****Name removed******* (NO. K/P ****IC Removed*****) yang beralamat penyampaian terakhir diketahui di ******Address removed*******, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. 

1. Bahawa Penghutang tersebut adalah berdomisil di Persekutuan atau dalam mana-mana Negeri atau dalam tempoh setahun sebelum tarikh pengemukaan Petisyen ini telah  lazimnya bermastautin atau mempunyai alamat penyampaian terakhir diketahui di *****Address removed*****

2. Bahawa ****Name Removed*****  tersebut adalah dengan adil dan sebenarnya terhutang kepada RHB BANK BERHAD dalam jumlah RM36,588.94 termasuk faedah dan kos yang merupakan jumlah yang patut dibayar alas satu Penghakiman yang diperolehi oleh Pemiutang Penghakiman, RHB BANK BERHAD di Mahkamah Majistret di Kuala Lumpur melalui Guaman No.: A72NCC-25876-04/2015 bertarikh 11.05.2015 yang butir-butir lengkap adalah seperti berikut 
PERSONAL FINANCING NO.: 7181-3100-0041-63 

Jumlah Penghakiman RM 29,662.59 Tambah : Faedah pada kadar 1.04% sebulan ke atas RM 29,662.59 day 28.03.2015 sehingga 11.10.2016 (564 hari) RM 5,695.41 : RM 35,358.00 Tambah : Caj Lewat pada kadar 1% sebulan ke atas RM 29,662.59 : dari 28.03.2015 sehingga 11.10.2016 (18 bulan) RM 444.94 Tambah Kos (dalam Penghakiman) RM 786.00 
Jurniab baki tertunggak setakat 11.10.2016 RM 36,588.94 

3. Bahawa RHB BANK BERHAD tidak ada, tidak juga lain-lain orang pihak bagi Pemiutang Penghakiman memegang sebarang cagaran ke atas harta pusaka penghutang tersebut, atau apa-apa ke atas mana-mana bahagiannya, untuk pembayaran jumlah wang tersebut. 

4. Bahawa, *****Name Removed*** yang tersebut dalam masa (6) bulan sebelum tarikh pengemukaan Petisyen ini telah melakukan perbuatan kebankrapan iaitu beliau, *****Name Removed*****, bahawa sesungguhnya telah gagal sebelum 31.12.2016 untuk melaksanakan seperti mana yang dikehendaki oleh satu Notis Kebankrapan bertarikh 11.10.2016 yang telah diserahkan seCara penyarnpaian kediri pada 23.12.2016 jam 2.45 petang di Tetuan S. N. Yap & Associates (Peguambela & Peguamcara), Unit 2-4, No. 18, Wisrna Bandar, taint Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur jails tempat dan masa yang dipersetujui oleh Penghutang Peng hakiman untuk menerima sesalinan Notis Kebankrapan tersebut secara kedin. 
Bertarikh 08 mi," 2017 , 2017. Ditandatangani oleh *****Name Removed***** yang diberi kuasa di bawah meterai RHB BANK BERHAD Telah ditandatangani oleh Pempetisyen tersebut di hadapan says, Alamat Tetuan S. N. Yap & Associates Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Unit 2-4, No.18, Wisma Bandar 50100 Kuala Lumpur Et;'1,270'17 I Tandatangan saksi MUNIRAV litrstot21:APIIA Peguamcara dan Peguambela Perihal Mahkamah Ting, Malaya 
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 19:51
And finally this, Pengindorsan.

PETISYEN PEMIUTANG INI setelah dikemukakan kepada Mahkamah pada ,— C1 MAY 20172017 DAN ADALAH DIPERINTAHKAN bahawa Petisyen Pemiutang ini mestilah di dengar di Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya, Seremban pada 2 4 JUL 2017 2017 pada pukul 2.30 petang. 
Dan kamu, *****Name Removed*****, Penghutang Penghakiman tersebut hendaklah mengambil perhatian bahawa jika kamu bercadang untuk mempertikaikan kebenaran pernyataan terkandung di dalam Petisyen Pemiutang ini kami hendaklah memfailkan kepada Pendaftar Mahkamah ini Nobs menunjukkan alasan-alasan atau mana kamu ingin mempertikaikan yang sama, dan menghantarkan melalui pos satu salinan notis itu kepada Pempetisyen tiga (3) hari sebelum tarikh yang ditetapkan untuk perbicaraan. 
c, MAY 2017 
(NO- PENDAFTARAN ar - NO. KEBANKRARAN v /4.s. RADA TARsio-f MA, 2017 • *, 
, 2017. 

PETISYEN PEMIUTANG ini difailkan oieh Tetuan S. N. Yap & Associates, Peguamcara bagi pihak Pemiutang Penghaloman di alas yang mempunyai alamat penyampaian di Unit 2-4, No.18, Wisma Bandar, 3alan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel 03-26972282 / Faks 03-26914820 [No. Ruj.: A/3C/RHB-BN/2016/138996/dn-km/mala] 
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 19:53
Please advise whether I can do anything now at all.. :(
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 20:44
But the person at the counter said that the documents are not necessarily updated.
1. Is the case number you use exactly as one you posted here.
2. Did you ask about the 14 Nov. 2017 Petisyen pemiutang hearing?
3. Did you ask them when is the next hearing?
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answered on Nov 13, 2017 at 21:01
1. Is the case number you use exactly as one you posted here. 
Yes, it is. I thought it may have been wrong but the staff at the counter brought back the files with the same case number.

2. Did you ask about the 14 Nov. 2017 Petisyen pemiutang hearing? 
Yes, another staff went and checked the court diary of some kind, and told me there is an hearing for me tomorrow at 2.30 PM.

3. Did you ask them when is the next hearing?

Tomorrow at 2.30 PM.
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