Overstay of 3 months on tourist visa

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asked on Nov 7, 2017 at 06:45
Overstay of 3 months on my tourist visa.(EU passport) Last week i received a job offer in KL to start in December.(next month)

If i turn myself in at immigration for overstay and pay the fine, is there a way to negotiate on a shorter blacklist time? I understand they are a bit more lenient towards tourist visa overstay compared to overstay of expired work permit or other visa? I never worked or held onto any other visas in Malaysia in the past

What would be the best course of action as the job offer is on start date of December 18th? Would getting a new passport with new passport number in my home country help?

Thanks for your kind advice.
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answered on Nov 10, 2017 at 18:08
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by   jeff005
On the Entry Declaration Form that you have signed, what was date of the expiry of your passport stated? Would changing passport erase your records of entry? What was the reason to exit on a new passport?

Some travellers was awarded NTL is because of fraudulent subsequent declarations on previous entry or entries. 

Overstaying for even one day is overstay what more for 3 months? IMI will query you what you are doing here for the past 6 months.

Correction to your assumption. Those who overstayed due to expired work permit are given chances to renew. They have paid levies taxes to the Malaysian government before via work permit and could have contributed positively to the economy. Those who come on a Free Visa and Free 90 days visit pass are on Charity of the Malaysian Hospitality. Where did you get such info on overstay for tourist pass? Lowyat forum? There are too many  Trollers over there, posting without any aspect nor respect towards Immigration Laws.

Your best and only solution is surrender to immigration for the 3 months overstay. Do not be scam by bogus agents who claimed that they have ways to settle overstay with immigration.
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