Foreign wife overstayed for 6 years because hushand lied and never applied spouse visa for me

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asked on Nov 4, 2017 at 09:56
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I am a foreign spouse here in Malaysia. I am already married for 6 years and have two kids.

I admit that I am very ignorance about this matter because my husband told me that after 5 years of successful marriage only can apply a spouse visa. So I trusted him. However, when I went to the Embassy to renew my passport, they told me that my husband has been lying to me and that I should have applied my spouse visa after getting married. Therefore it means I overstayed in Malaysia for 6 years without any valid visa. My husband never applied one for me.

I am now worried of the consequences for me. We don't have any relatives, both sides, in Malaysia thus in case, nobody can look after or take care of our children who are 5 and 2 years old respectively.

Is it possible that I apply for spouse visa for the first time even though I have already broken the law for overstaying? Will I be deported back to my country? Go to prison? Ban in Malaysia? Or it is possible to pay the fine without any detention or deportation? In such case, how much is the fine?

What should I do to make things right?
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answered on Nov 4, 2017 at 15:03
To fully understand your overstay issues, please answer

1.  What is your nationality?
2.  What is your age now?
3.  What is the race of your husband?
4.  What year and month you have last entered Malaysia?
5.  What year and month was your marriage?
6.  Was your marriage legal here?
7.  Was the marriage registered with the respective embassies in Msia & ??
8.  What is the color of the Birth Certificates of your two children?
9.  What is the Citizenship status stated in the Birth Certificates of the children?
10. Your husband may not be lying as he could be ignorant of immigration laws, same as you. His knowledge is based of hearsay from stupid friends.

after 5 years of successful marriage only can apply a spouse visa
After 5 years of continuously living in Malaysia, can apply for Permanent Residency.
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