Can I go to malaysia again when I overstay 6 week in 2016

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asked on Oct 17, 2017 at 03:09
by   thuyfshare
I went to the Malaysia in June 2016 to participate at Culture Exchange between two university Vietnam& Malaysia from Jul to Sep. The purpose of my trip was study . My university applied a visa in Embassy of Malaysia in Hanoi,Vietnam.This was “Single entry visa” that valids for 3 months. However, when I imported to Malaysia at KLIA by June 20, I had just 1 month stay in Malaysia until Jul 19.I try to extend the visa, but i cant. So, I overstayed 6 weeks in Malaysia. When I go to the Putra Jaja for slove it. I pay 400rm for overstay and get ticket return the vietnam before Sep 8.  

Now, I get a job offer in Malaysia wih contract 1 year. About the case i had in 2016. How many year banned for me? Can I go to Malasia again ?
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