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asked on Oct 11, 2017 at 12:42
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*This is not an allegation, but I have written black and white, as well as voice log indicating the below*

So what happened was, my contract was extended by Telekom Malaysia's staff for another 2 years, without them being able to provide me any black and white either in softcopy or hardcopy form, that as a customer I've acknowledged or agreed for a re contract.

Apparently the technician who came to change my router told the person in charge that he did inform me about recontract, however I clearly told him I am not willing to recontract. (I say vs  your say story), however bottom line is, they acknowledged the recontract was done, however no black and white can be produced.

My question is, within what law / section of law is this illegal, and as a customer I want them to compensate for the issue. What can I do? 
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answered on Oct 11, 2017 at 13:35
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What laws can apply? It is your words vs technician, technician vs yours. You have recorded the conversation between you two? Why change router? Were you charged?

All warranties ceased upon expiry of previous contract. Buy own router for damaged old one is the standard practice.

What quantum of compensation are you asking for? RM100,000?

Just go to nearest consumer association and lodge a complaint.
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answered on Oct 11, 2017 at 14:05
1. No where in the contract mentioned, telekom reserves the right to amend anything, unless previously informed. No such thing can be proven by telekom. Not in written form, not in email , voice log, sms , or in any form. Below is their official email from the manager of complaint management team.

"Renewal of contract without consent. I have referred to the technician who pay the visit, he did share the terms of equipment replacement with you where it requires an extension of contract of 2 years period. However, admitted that this should be inked as well on the restoration acceptance form ( RAF ), as an evidence of agreement. In the absence of this standard operating procedure RAF form, we shall take this matter internally for our further improvement. As a result, TM agrees to not extending any contract longer than it is. You may keep this e-mail as reference"

Keyword here being : However, admitted that this should be inked as well on the restoration acceptance form ( RAF ), as an evidence of agreement.

Meaning no evidence i acknowledged the recontract/contract extension. 

2. Dont need to have recorded conversation. It is for Telekom to provide in writing/any form of evidence that i have acknowledge to their recontract. But they have failed to do so. 

3. Router was suppose to be changed upon the free upgrade, according to the livechat agent, my warranty is still valid (printscreen of the conversation has been taken, and shown to the technician before he provided the new one. Logically no extension of contract is needed since agent told me it is a valid change) 

4. I was initially charged for that exchange, then waived by another agent

5. Warranty according to the livechat agent, is still valid. Quoting from her words "the RG/router warranty is a year from this date 29/12/2016, means there'll be no charges upon this router replacement request"

6. Any amount deemed fit by both parties. 
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