Targetted Harassment And Cyberbullying: What's the saman malu process and costs?

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asked on Sep 27, 2017 at 18:53
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Currently I'm being targeted by someone, who's harassing me on several social media platform. The motive if the attack is to humiliate me in order that its will hurt me.

To start let me tell about myself, I'm currently working with Digi.

I've known a woman that I've never met in real life only by online, via Whatapps. She is currently spreading rumours about me using an obscene picture with a Whatapps conversation and posting it in social media platform. The person stalking my Facebook. And what she did is private message all my Facebook friends and spreading rumours about me using a fake Facebook profile.

Not only that.. she goes to Digi Facebook profile and spread the rumours there as well which resulted I've been called by management regarding that issues. The post can be seen by thousand of other Digi customer which in a way give a bad impression to Digi. Digi has a social media team handling the site such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so this story has goes around my workplace which totally humiliate me and Digi in a way.

Furthermore the target of her is me, since I am the one that she has issues with, but what she did, she stalks my girlfriend and fiancee-to-be and spread rumours to her colleagues and her workplace as well just because she is my girlfriend. Even her mother got the same massage which resulted of her postponing our engagement.

I never met the person who did this, but I have her phone number and our conversation and also her confessions that she sent to mock me in form of SMS and Whatapps conversation. Police report has been made and police currently trying to trace her base on her locations.. police did attempt to call her but she's not willing to cooperate.

Currently I'm trying to get in touch with Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) in order to trace the locations based on her phone number and proceed with the police case legally can be done.

My questions is due to the damage that she has done to me, to Digi and to my fiancee, I'm willing to file a saman malu against her and ask her to stop spreading all these but I want to know the process.. the fees.. and all.
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answered on Nov 2, 2017 at 17:23
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I have experienced in getting a lawyer to file a civil suit against somebody.. not saman malu, but saman because of breach of contract, and have won the case because the defendant did not appear at the court at all.

Basically the lawyer quoted me RM20,000 but since the defender did not contest, the lawyer only asked from me around RM8,000. To open the file, I had to pay RM3,500.
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