AKPK Debt Management Program: Have been making irregular payment recently. Is this okay?

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asked on Sep 11, 2017 at 20:54
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I need some opinion on my following questions:

In 2013, I applied for the AKPK enrollment and was successful. I have successfully followed on my monthly payment closely for the past 4 years. However of lately due to some unforeseen spending, I was forced to pay my AKPK alternate monthly meaning skip a month. Nevertheless I still pay. Is it okay to do that? Because this is the best way I can think of and it's beneficial to me and AKPK. However I still received one or two late payment notice from the bank. Is this okay? Needed your opinions anyone? 
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answered on Sep 11, 2017 at 23:04
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Is it okay to do that?
Very dangerous...!!!

Discuss with your officer. He or she maybe able to juggle your account. They may have been juggling your account once you pay alternate month without you knowing by helping you.

However I still received one or two late payment notice from the bank. Is this okay?
You are at a very dangerous situation. The moment the bank's computer system captures 2 months default, it auto sends out termination of Debt Management Program (DMP). Once one bank terminates, the whole program collapses.

My personal opinion is for you to check very bank statement carefully on the dates and juggle very very carefully and.. Speak and discuss with the AKPK officer..!!
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