Blacklisted with an approved EP

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asked on Sep 9, 2017 at 11:28
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My employer had applied for an employment pass in May 2017.
Around the 3rd week of August, they received the notice that It had been rejected.

At that point, my social visit pass expired on the 25th.
They appealed the week after (week of the 28th August 2017).

I attempted to reach any of the Immigration Offices for advice with failure due to the Holidays.
I then attempted to see the airport Immigration or fly out while paying a fine before extending the overstay. (got a ticket to Indonesia)

Being in a state of "overstay" without instructions I tried to fly out on Sunday, September 3rd.

The immigration agent told me that I couldn't fly and would need a special pass for Putraya HQ.
Informed the "Head" agent that I intended to get advice or leave asap to avoid worsening the situation.

I was instructed to go to Putrajaya Immigration HQ regardless and be granted a special pass.

Went to the immigration office on Tuesday morning and was told by the immigration officer that I would be blacklisted for 1 year for staying more than 7 days and need a ticket to my home country (I had gotten a 2nd ticket for Indonesia on September 9th).

I asked if I could have time to process the situation as I live in CANADA (haven't been here for 2 years).
The response was to get a ticket and to leave ASAP or my case will worsen.

My intention was to get a ticket from MY to CAD for the September 9th to prepare for a "no return trip".  
- Called my employer, the immigration agent responsible for the EP was still on leave.
- I got a ticket from Malaysia to Canada for the next morning.
- Went back in the queue and paid my fine.

Left that same night for KLIA Airport (6th of September).
Arrived in Canada on the 6th of September.
I received the notice that my employment pass was approved on the 7th of September.

Now I have to be in Malaysia with my passport by next Tuesday (September 12) or within 30 days due to validity length of the EP.

My employer asked me to try and appeal (I explained my case during my time at the Immigration office while in Malaysia) and fly back into the country.


So right now, I have a 1-year Travel ban to Malaysia and an approved EP which requires me to be within the country.

How to do get about entering the country to apply the EP?
How can I appeal or show any kind of proof to support my situation?
Who do I even contact?
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answered on Sep 20, 2017 at 19:31
Now I have to be in Malaysia with my passport by next Tuesday (September 12) or within 30 days due to validity length of the EP. 

Did you managed to come into Malaysia again?
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