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asked on Sep 1, 2017 at 16:32
by   PS1818
Good day!

I received a first Kuala Lumpur Majistret Court Writ which issued by the bank's lawyer for Statement of Claim of credit card debt. I have been late for five (5) months of unpaid payments to the bank's due to unemployment. As of to date I still owe to the bank's of RM7,000.

I was unemployed since last year, April 2016, and until to date.  Despite unemployment , I still made prompt payments to the bank's with my available savings until I reached the maximum that I am unable and having difficulties to proceed with the following payments, the caused, run out of savings. But I am constantly  looking for a job opportunities.

What should I do with the first court writ received?

Do I have to attend to the court?

The Writ has been fixed for case management on 20.9.2017. Time to attend to court were not mentioned/stated on the court writ.

Your kind advise is much appreciated.

Thank you.
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