Hutang Courts Mammoth - A Parody of a Court of Law

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Recently there were a number of postings regarding the debt collection methods of the above company. The postings are misleading to many readers as some were written by Debt Collectors to scare, confuse and intimidate Debtors.

I shall write on How To deal with those issues in a series of Personal Opinions.

Senior Forumers are invited to pen their opinions too in this Public Thread/Threat.
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answered on Aug 2, 2017 at 15:09
Part 1
To fully understand and How To deal with issues created by BC, one must be familiarise with the following terms:-
1. What type of contract agreements is Courts Mammoth offering.
2. What is Debtor, Creditor, BC (Bill Collectors), Mahkamah, Writ of Summons (Saman).
3. What is the process of Debt Litigation by a Creditor in a Court of Law.
4. After the lawsuit from the Creditor and getting a  Perintah Mahkamah, what is a Judgement Debtor (JD), Judgement Creditor(JC), Court appointed Bailiff.
5. What is the next legal action a JC can do if the JD still cannot pay the JC.
6. What are the estimated Lawers Fees, Court Fees and Court Awarded costs.
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