Vietnamese Lady Friend caught in massage parlour raid

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asked on Jul 26, 2017 at 23:23
by   TheLoneWolf27
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I chanced upon this forum while searching for an answer to the predicament here. I will provide as accurate an account as possible to my knowledge and hope to receive some enlightenment on the situation. 

A lady whom I acquainted at a massage parlour in JB was caught during a big raid almost a week back. She has since been in detained and have already gone for a court proceedings but she is still under detention until the next court proceedings slated for end August, which probably means she will be detained in the centre for another month. 

Some background information:
It is not a full illicit service massage but has certain services that would be considered illegal.
I believe the parlour boss had paid money to extend her passport for many times since she has been there for almost 10 months.
I am not sure under what condition she was caught but a majority of the masseuse were taken away during the raid.
I do not have her passport ID whatsoever and only know her full name.
To the best of my knowledge, the boss had tried undertake means to secure their release but is unsuccessful and have to wait for the court proceeding in end August. 

Some questions I have:
Does this seem like a situation where she would be deported immediately after the final court proceeding?
What is going to happen to her belongings that is still at the residence?
If I go to the IDC, would I be able to visit her not knowing any of her passport details except full name?
What are the procedures for visitation and are we allowed to pass them items like medication with receipts, food or pillows etc.
Is there a legal way to get her out of this mess since I have no idea how the boss intends to get them out?

Sincerest thanks in advance for anyone's input on the situation. 
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