Diabetic type 1 and 10 months overstay

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asked on Jun 26, 2017 at 06:40
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To whom ever who read this, please do take your time on consultation. 

My brother is a Yemeni nationality and he is a diabetic type 1 patient and a student in selangor who have been overstaying for 10 months for the first time.  

The college he is in mismanaged which year he is at and this issue have taken around 5 months of running from department to department to reach to a solution of the mismanagement. Their solution was to pay tuition fees of his final year and pay again admission fees of 5k while he is still in 1st year and have made payments of first and second year fees. 

They have pressured him to pay it otherwise no visa renewal nor finishing his studies will be allowed. We had a financial issue and we collected the amount they asked and paid them after 5 months. 

Finally the college informed us to have an interview with the immigration and pay 3100rm in college bursary which is compound fine then he might get lock up for 2 weeks and get a special pass to get his visa in order or blacklisted and deported. 

He have gotten a letter from Yemeni embassy which request the immigration assistance in imposing the compound fine and assisting him in getting a special pass of 30 days which the college say its worthless to show it in the interview. 

My first question dear consultant is there is any amnesty in this case and does the embassy letter play a role here? 

Is there is any probability that the law of 10000rm or imprisonment be imposed on him? 

If he won't be granted a special pass, would he get a choice of getting a blacklist and leave the country with the special pass of making arrangement to leave the country?

Placing in mind he lives in Saudi Arabia and his saudi  visa is expiring in 2 weeks, which means if he got locked up then he can't come back to Saudi neither Yemen due to the war and air zone sanction which have been there for more than 2 yrs. 

Any kind of assistance or an answer to any of the questions above from your side will be highly appreciated. 
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answered on Jun 26, 2017 at 12:50
who is having the passport now?

What is the name of the college? And what course is he taking?

As at today, how much is owing to the college? (stop paying)

Since he has overstay, remain safe within the confines of safe zones, do not get arrested by any authorities. Malaysian jails or detention camps do not know how to treat Type 1 diabetics.

The letter from Embassy is most important. Keep it in his pockets at all times. Cant he renew the Saudi Visa via the Saudi Embassy in Malaysia? If can, renew it by this week.

the college say its worthless to show it in the interview. 
I would tell the college, not you though... GO FLY KITE
It is this letter that would keep him from going to jail. This letter will help for  voluntary repatriation.
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