Foreign spouse over stayed in Malaysia

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asked on Jun 16, 2017 at 03:13
by   carolec
I am Malaysian married to Indian national. My husband was a student here last year when we got married. He has to cancel student visa in order for us to apply for LSVP. Procedure is that he has to go back to home country and re-enter. He made a mistake by entering back under E-visa. So we can't proceed for the LSVP. He was asked to go back to india. We are short of cash at that time and we decided to ask for help from an acquaintance whom known as having connection with immigration dept to deal with visa and work permit. He helped us to get a special pass and we paid him a fee for this. Unfortunately when we eventually get the special pass my husband was given 21 days but the remark there was written 'to make special arrangement to leave the country'. When we go back to Jln Duta immigration for the LSVP, it was not accepted. My husband still need to go back to india. We get back to this man and according to him he can arrange to get the wordings changed so we put our trust in him again but in the end until now he overstayed for 3 months. We do not know what to do and to expect. Please advise us to solve this problem.
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answered on Jun 27, 2017 at 00:05
by   jeff005
he overstayed for 3 months.
Overstay is OVERSTAY
Surrender to IMM asap.
The longer the overstay, the longer the period of BAN on re-entry.
The moment he gets the EXIT PASS, make an appeal for a shorter BAN as a spouse.
The appeal is stronger while he is still inside Malaysia.
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