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asked on Jun 14, 2017 at 21:30
Dear Lawyers or to whom it may concerns,

After my father pass away. I saw in malaysia a lots of medical malpractice case like baby in pantai hospitals which very heart broken news. I wish to create community page for medical malpractice sharings which unable bring to court for justice due to the reasons as below:-
1) victims financial issues to lodge a case with lawyer,
2) its create more painful to victims family to perform post mortem on their death love one,
3) lots of sue case may not successful due to the grey area on law tactics players. Hospitals always have bigger finance and insurance to protect themself and their doctors, they may corrupt the lawyer to fight and win the cases.
4) the court case is very long and time-consuming, it bring more pains to the victims family to move on their life.

This community page set up for all victims to share their experience with unethical doctors to prevent more victims. Or they can give the ratings to the doctors.

Doctors=products. Like tripadvisor pages, people sharing their experiences with food restaurants, hotels and tourist agents. If the consumers not satisfy with the doctors, they can give rating through my community pages, comments and sharing their experiences. Through this community in fact can prevent the more victims and more deaths. Victims can choose the right doctors and prevent wasting their golden time of treatments.

But through this community page, would the page creator facing the risk of accusation by hospital?

Please give me the guide and opinions.
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answered on Jun 14, 2017 at 23:08
U wanna highlight possible malpractices by some doctors and indirectly advertise for certain doctors? Not only the doctors involved, the medical insurers will too go after u. Be my guest. Just dun end up with a coca cola bottle throw at your face.

Let MMA to do their job and investigations.
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