full passport+overstay+pregnant = how to deal with these problems all together

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asked on May 23, 2017 at 17:18
hello here .i guess im in big trouble.please give me best advices . 
im ukrainian citizen .stay in malaysia from october 2015 .as a tourist (by visit pass every time for 30 days) 
 1) my passport is full,no have even 1 full free page for visa  
2) im on 36 weeks of pregnancy 
3) my visa alreday overstayed 8 months  
(overstayed because of many reasons,but mostly cos from that time couldnt get my new visit pass done (thrue any agent)) 

what should i do now ? i cant change my passport  ,i cant register baby after his birth, we cant get reggister our marriege with my partner(malaysian,non muslim), and i already dont know which other ways to try to get some how any visa or close my overstay. without leaving malaysia ,without jail and blacklisted here. 

try many ways from agents .but actually the main problem is the agent which follow my documents during few months(frommy  3 months pregnancy until now) and was promisimg to make it done by different way but he cant do anything ,he take it to very last moment and few days ago return passport again without anything done ,but still saying that can try some other way to close it with special pass.he friemd of my partner and i dont know why he give him such a trust and hope .but i cant anymore . 

if need more information about my passport or situation i will answer all
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answered on May 23, 2017 at 17:27
@ veronika94 

1. How old are U? 23? 
2. How old is your partner? Is he single status? 
3. What are your plans for the child when he is born? 
4. What are your partner's plans for the child? 
5. I need to view the stamp/chops on your passport to verify the harm done to your passport. Please give me a pic of the stamps on your passport from the first time you landed in Malaysia till the last stamp. Need to see the dates clearly. Email to my mailbox.. < > or post it on this forum if you are comfortable with it. 

few days ago return passport again without anything done  
Thank god you got it back or else your child is in bigger mess. The whole mess is NOT about you but the identity of the child. You should be under proper legal maternity care. Keep all records of visits at maternity clinic so that your child is able to get a Birth Certificate as born in Malaysia and the father name on the BC (if he is single) although the citizenship will follow the mother as there is no marriage cert. Have proper records so that it can be produced in court for any future "Paternity Lawsuit"... (just in case). 

From today onwards.. do not give your passport to any agent again. There is no way of staying legally in Malaysia after the child is born. You are in a very vulnerable position to be cheated a very big sum of moneys as the identity of this son depends on your this passport (never mind expired Visa and Social Visit Pass).
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answered on May 23, 2017 at 23:41
1)yeah 23
2)he is 40,single 
3-4) we was planning to married and was hope that baby can get malaysia citizen.because was planning to stay at Malaysia. But because of cant do any visa for me ,dont know what we need to do and what will.
he is trying all ways to solve this problem but again and aging nothing work well.
5)ok.i will send today later to your mail .(last enter to Malaysia was 15 August)

yeah i finally realized that it was huge mistake to give passport to any agent ,cos i could do all legal in and out by that time .NO MORE! 
Istill hope to find a right solution to.fix all this.even dont mind to go surrender to immigration .But dont know how to be ,when will born a baby , and after.And dont know how we can be a family after all of this .Cos i will be blacklisted from M'sia for a quite long time i guess...
dont even know what my next step have to be.I check many times before how to do,and only now somehiw found this forum.And read a lot here alr ,so i think and hope can get answers for myself here 
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answered on May 24, 2017 at 02:32
edited May 24, 2017 at 03:15
by   jeff005
@ veronika94

Suggestions (non-legal) - Part 1
1. Give birth here.
2. Register the birth of your son at JPN.
3. Your husband has to go along. Bring his ID for verifications. He must have single status in other to put his name in the birth cert.
4. With the birth cert, bring your son and register his birth to your country's embassy. Your husband may need to submit some sworn statements there depending on the Laws of your country.
5. After confinement period of two months for your health and son's, surrender to Immigration Malaysia. But first you must get travel docs for your son from your embassy to travel.
6. If the need to, if can afford lawyers fees, bring a lawyer to be with you to report in to Immigration HQ at Putrajaya. If your embassy's officials are willing to help, so much the better. The purpose is to APPEAL for a shorter BAN. The appeal must be made before you exit the country (NOT after). Your husband can write or submit docs that he is sponsoring you & son's living in Malaysia and that the two of you are getting married. Can appeal for a short coming back visa/visit pass for the purpose of marriage. It could be called a Visa for Reference and could only apply back in your home country from the Malaysian Embassy there.
7. You will be issued an EXIT PASS (agents called it a special pass) costing RM100 only. Of course there is a ban and fines for overstaying. If you are going for the 3+1 Surrender, the costs will be RM400, but this method may cost you a 5 year BAN for re-entry.

That is all I can think of in a short time.

Your husband's name in the son's birth cert gives him the locus standi to make the APPEAL and in the future, application for Citizenship down the long road.
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answered on May 24, 2017 at 02:54
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by   jeff005
@ veronika94

8. Your husband can follow you back to your city or at a later date.
9. There you two go thru the marriage process. Register the marriage at the Malaysian Embassy there.
10. Marrying you there does not entitle the son to be Malaysian Citizen. Using the marriage Certificate, start an adoption process there since your husband is there. The process may take 3-5 years depending on the laws of your country. That period of time may be your BAN period too, so no big issue.

Adoption Process
This process is quite tedious in Malaysia as there are elements of Islamic Laws incorporated indirectly (that is what I heard). Since Ukraine is now still a country with civil war, I thinks the adoption process could be much easier at Ukraine with so many children orphaned during the war.

The work does not end there. When the adoption process and BAN period is completed, then you can come in again with your son to start the legalization of the adoption process here in Malaysia. Have to register your Marriage here in Malaysia and register at your country's embassy too. Once completed, then apply for "Spouse Visa" aka LTSVP. Your son follows your application. Check the Immigration process properly this time. It could be updated with newest restrictions. Never make mistakes again as this time it involves your son too.

My opinions and views is limited to this extent. Hope others can have better or updated newest info.

Good Luck..

p/s.. I still need your passport pages to see the extent of damage done to your passport.
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