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asked on May 22, 2017 at 03:14
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by   Freya
We started renting this properpty (USJ2) since 2013 (5 years), after the fire (you know the fire sometimes 2 months ago, 4 died in the house? same row as my house) he suddenly wanted to put the property in the market:

He said: OUT OF SYMPTATHETIC reason that you all have been staying here for so long, before I put the house on market, I want to ask you guys first la, do you want to buy or not?"

We said: "Sorry, no, too expensive, it doesn't worth 800k"

Ok then, then OUT OF SYMPTATHETIC reason I will talk to the new buyer to let you guys stay until you found your own place lah.


One day 6pm, he called (despite me telling him that please liaise with my husband if it is regarding the houses), "EH LOR, Later 6PM YOU GUYS HOME AH? (a degree holder working in a bank, high post), Want to bring people see house la, I was alone with my girl, dinner, need to send her to tuition later, husband travelling.

So I said: "Is it possible to make it weekend? My husband is not in town, and I need to send my girl for tuition, I won't be able to attend to you guys"

START: IF YOU GUYS STILL (hello isn't this first time?) DON'T WANT TO COOPERATE LIKE THIS AH, I INCREASED YOUR RENT TO RM5K (from RM1.5), bla bla bla, his loud screaming kicked one of my soul out of my body liao, you give me one set of key la, I said please talk to my husband.

The next day I checked with my husband, he said he told him, you want key, come and get from me, if anything go missing or whatsoever, you will be responsible.  
The next day, thurs, he called me, "EER, you husband said tomorrow 12:00PM house viewing ok right" (I was thinking, 12pm, people come all the way back from the office?), I said wait let me confirm with my husband,

Got my husband on the line, he said "what Friday? What 12pm? what House Viewing", see he was trying to manupulate me.

I could foresee he will sure say this say that in order not to refund deposit in full.

Today we went to see one house in usj9, ok lah ..... deal
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answered on May 22, 2017 at 03:20
What is your  question?
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answered on May 22, 2017 at 03:52
Would he refuse to pay us back the deposit? 
He is very good in creating stories
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