Over stayed 4 due to Indian based multinational company here in malaysia while transferring from Ep to dp under same company

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asked on May 21, 2017 at 19:49
I am a victom of a company in which me and my wife we both were working,I was forced to resign due to I wanted a UPL for taking care of my baby.

However me and the company mutualy agreed that they will smoothly transfer my visa to dependant pass under my wife Ep until now more than 5 months the company holded my tax clearance then the passport and got me overstayed and now telling me that they cannot help me.

My aproval of application is already there but I need a special pass in order to get it converted dp.

I have already done a police report and the police asked me to go to any immigration after this....

Any advices what I can do in this matter further as I want to sue the company for this.
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answered on May 22, 2017 at 14:54
1. What is your monthly contract value? Your wife?
2. Where was the baby born, in India or Malaysia?
3. What Employment Services are the both of you under?
4. What type of "Special Pass" you need?
5. What was the reason given by you in the Police Report?
6. That are the reasons you want to sue your ex company?
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