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asked on May 13, 2017 at 13:03
Starting July 2012 im been working with these  company setup in Malaysia. XXXXX Sdn Bhd. At that time i was only a Site Manager...after 1 year my title was different Field Manager. In 2014 was bad for the company, they cant get any new job in Malaysia. So early of 2015 they close down KL office and staff condo. Since then i have to work at home report back to HQ if previous site have any problem or not. They still paying me all the benefit ...salary, claim, transportation and medical. In the mid of 2015 HQ complain the management fee is expensive, they ask me to survey for good service and good price. i found 1 company did all services in one roof ...sec,acc,audit and save them almost 60k per year. But these company didnt provide Nominee Director (SSM rules - foreign company setup up in malaysia must need 2 malaysia to be nominee director.....My kind heart crush now.....they appoint me to sit N.Director and get 1 more person. Cos the wanted save cos....1 person nominee fee is around 800 till 3000 pm.....HQ wanted to save cos and they didnt pay me for ND as verbally promise once they got project here next year there will pay me the ND fee.

2nd issue ....i get a friend who know well on company issue to sit on the second position. Company pay him 1800 pm. The company change 2 N.Director and Company Services and have safe them at least 100k. In Sep 2015 they stop my monthly salary. Then i told them im look for new job.
Start new job at JB.....every year closing final account have to come back to kl auditor office, secretarial office for meeting. Since last year i already inform HQ to send some one or else strick-off the company....but they still wanted the company. According to Business Manager they are deal 1 big project here.

Now the issue started....for 2016 final account had send back to get approval....they didnt reply and when i call the CEO...he say in oversea.I send and email document or billing for them to sign-off for final account and billing never reply.Now Secretarial Fee, Accounting Fee, Filling Fee and N Director is all overdue 1 year. Even SSM had issue a compound letter for late filling to both Malaysia Nominee Director.

Dear All .....Please Advise...Do i need a lawyer to issue letter or action? These foreigner company are very famous in the world.
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answered on May 16, 2017 at 17:49
Refer to
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answered on May 21, 2017 at 20:03
Jeff....Thanks again for the wonderful advise....actually I need a lawyer to issue letter to get the 1 year overdue ND fees and ( if can) take legal action to the company for late filling to SSM. FYI...all Malaysia final account have to approval from HQ. They always late reply ? Jeff any other ways or idea ? Please....please...please
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