Settlement of bankruptcy

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asked on May 4, 2017 at 03:19
by   Thomas josh
Dear respected sir / mdm

First of all would like to thank this forum as many of my answers has been answered.

Let me explain my bankruptcy
I was made bankrupt on oct 2015 by a private company for not paying credit. Even though I did not owe them, still I have been bankrupt due to my partner use my name but regardless of what happen I have met them to resolve recently and they have agreed for me to pay 50% of the amount due with the rest they will kejar my ex partner for it. 

Right now I have debt as per follows
Ptptn = rm24k
Hire purchase rhb= 25k (18 months left) paid 66 months
The company = rm27k

My problem is that I have never defaulted in my hire purchase loan all these months therefore the bank did not tarik the car and this morning after discussin with credit department they say no demand letter has been issued to them as me not to trigger it just continue loan.

I have money to pay all the loans and dues. But when I call insolvency officer who attend my case, she is requesting me to stop paying the car and must tarik Even though I have NOT attended interview at insolvency and at the same time bank says dont trigger.

I hope there is someone here who can tell me what I can do. Now I have obtained letter from ptptn and the company but the hire purchase is my biggest issue. I have reas cases here where even after paying to insolvency the money was not paid to the respective department for months.
1. Can and will the bank agree to let me pay big amount but not clear loan so that they wont have to tarik the car?

2. Can and will the bank issue me a letter to say they do not wish to tarik the car and therefore allowing me to continue the loan

3. How long it takes for me to be discharge and what is the procedure to be discharge IF it is my part to get it discharged after the payment.

I am ao tired of being a bankrupt I have everything but nothing under my name and worst still I have factory overseas that has been operating since oct 2015 and I came back to malaysia in april 2016 that is needing me now for a big project in dubai.

Hope anyone can help me with answers
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