Can I Be Bankrupted?

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asked on May 1, 2017 at 21:52
by   sallysm
I have some issues I need help to clarify. Hope you guys can help shed some light.

This morning I received a call from "someone" saying that he is at my house to give me a "Notis Bankrup". I was not at home (Labour Day holiday).
I dont even know that this is possible until I google and read a few forums here.

My question is if they managed to "serve" me, should I attend court? I was away overseas last year (2015 - 2016) but I still pay my PL but maybe sometimes a bit late payment but I still pay. I received calls/ whatsapp from bank/debt collector while I was oversea, sometimes I replied, sometimes I ignored because they are simply rude. But I still pay my installments via online banking.
Since July 2016, my payments are late and I have 3 months in arrears. I am still paying the installments and I have another 3K only to make my account current with no outstanding. I plan to pay the default months by end of May. Then I will be on track again.
THEN, I got this call.
Should I ignore or should I let him "serve my notice"? I can afford to pay my installments because I have a good job offer now and I just came back to Malaysia last month to start working again.

Can someone help/advise me what should I do? Should I attend court and tell judge to dismiss my case and I continue to pay my installments as usual? Is it possible to dismiss case? or any other suggestions? I don't want to be bankrupt. 

PL : 132K  (without interest etc) total after interest etc 215K

What should I do next? Pls help. Thanks.
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answered on May 9, 2017 at 06:32
by   sallysm
edited May 9, 2017 at 06:42
by   sallysm
Hi @jeff005 @kiki @notalawyer @vkpc

Can you help clarify? for my preparation to attend court to make sure my case will be closed.
I did not received and signed the BN, do I still file a notice and an affidavit? or only bring documents to proof that I have negotiated with the bank?
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answered on May 9, 2017 at 15:11
by   notalawyer
I still file a notice and an affidavit?
No need.

or bring documents to proof that I have negotiated with the bank?
Can bring along just in case.

You seem to be a fast learner.
Avengers Malaysia is always on the lookout for people like yourself to help the oppressed.
Please consider joining.
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