Child's birth certificate/nationality for unregistered marriage of a Malaysian father and a foreign mother

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asked on Apr 23, 2017 at 07:45
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The above refers and I have some questions as below: 

We have yet to register, but she is 2 months pregnant now: 
1. Can I still get the birth certificate for new born baby? 
2. Can the father's name to be listed in the birth certificate for new born baby since we are unmarried parents? 
3. Since the mother is a foreigner, what are the procedure and documents needed to get the birth certificate for new born baby? 
4. Will the baby become a Malaysian citizen or obtain the citizenship of the mother since marriage registration is taking place late (before the birth of the child)? 
5. Will the baby face any problem in the future for example study and anything else because of our late marriage?

Thanks in advance.
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answered on Apr 23, 2017 at 14:27
As long as the marriage registration happens before the birth, there will be no problems.
Foreign mother may need to show proof that she is single. ( get single certificate from embassy )
Don't delay until last minute as baby might be born early. ( prematurely )
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answered on May 4, 2017 at 03:36
edited May 8, 2017 at 07:15
Bro, let me help you on this. Quickly register your marriage as long as baby not yet born you still have time to get it done. 

Get your foreign wife birth certificate, and all other relevant document that proofs that she is not married and or is single, her house details and parents details. Get the originals and translate it to English if needed and then get it certified true copy by their foreign affairs then bring both the original and copy to their embassy in Malaysia if there is one to be certified true copy and then go to our foreign affairs in Putrajaya to get certified true copy then you bring to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to register for marriage.

Don't wait long, procedure takes 3 months at least and cost a lot of money. You must get her a visa and mind you she is not allowed to leave Malaysia until you get your marriage registered and then wait another 3 - 6 months probation (immigration rules vary to state) then only they will give her a valid spouse visa. 

Employment prohibited till she gets her spouse visa then can apply to JIM (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) to approve for work.

Your child will get his or her MyKid so long as you have a prenatal baby and mommy card or book (issued by hospital / clinic) where you bring her for monthly checkup.

Mind you hospital bill she is foreigner until she has spouse visa.
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