How To Make an Effective Police Report with Proof Against Bill Collectors

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asked on Apr 21, 2017 at 01:52
by   jeff005
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by   jeff005
This is in response to the following thread

@ Hilmidris

1. Copy a duplicate of the recording on a disk. And backups as well.
2. Write a " Transcript " of the whole recordings. Put it in writing and file with your report.
3. Go to the nearest polis depot to make a report.
4. Later with the report, file a complain to BNM ( Bank Negara Malaysia)
5. In this letter/complain, c.c. to all major Government Agencies and NGOs'.
6. Send a copy to ABM = Association of Bankers Malaysia.
7. Send a copy to the banks concerned.
8. Send a copy to all the Consumers Associations. (PPIM??)
9. File a complain with the polis repot with the transcript and disk recordings to MCMC.
10. File a complain to the Telcos they are using requesting them to cut off all their lines.

Send a copy of the transcripts as well as a disk as proof. It is time we teach these bill collectors a lesson.

Make a repot like
11.. My life have been threaten. I need polis protection.
12. Elements of Harassment and Intimidation.
13. It is affecting my work and family life. I fear to go out with my children (if any) or gfs'.

The BC tactics is like that, use cina BC for melayu or indian male defaulters, use indians BC for melayu defaulters. They would use Datuks, Datins to scare female defaulters. Use female to chase females. Says they are from the Mahkamah, polis IPK, Low_yer firms, etc etc..

To all readers, please help with more suggestions
Thank You.
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answered on Apr 25, 2017 at 14:36
by   hilmidris
Thank you very much for the guidance. My faith in mankind has been restored to a certain extent :-)
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