Divorce: Disadvantage and consequences of move first file later

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asked on Apr 16, 2017 at 08:22
by   Pingu
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I am a housewife and I do part time book keeping from home. I have a 11 years old boy. When my son was 3 weeks old, my husband announced that he preferred life as a single. We do not have physical contact since then. We slept in separate room. For the past 11 years, he did all kind and said all kind of unsavory word to me and my son and ask me to file a divorce, when I ask him to file, he said he wont do that. He can wait till I go  and do the filing or we die together. 

After all these years, other than me and son are still staying for free in the house. I borne all expenditure for myself and my son. He only give some money sometimes. Since, 2 years ago, he stop to pay anything, and became aggravated especially against my son. It affected my son mentally and psychologically. I want to move out as soon as possible to go on with a healthier and happier life. I want to know what are the disadvantage and consequences if I were to move out now and file divorce later, in terms of all aspects in divorce and family law.

Thank you.
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