Drag Almost 1 1/2 Years To Sell Property

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asked on Apr 13, 2017 at 14:28
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I sold my condominium to a purchaser in January 2016. The buyer applied for a loan which was approved after 1 month. Both side were represented by same lawyer and the buyer paid a deposit of 10% from the purchase price and signed the S&P in May 2016.

After that the lawyer drags on to complete the transaction until now. First, he said my property is under liquidation and need to get consent letter from developer. He took around 3 months to get the letter. After that S&P 3+1 starts. During that period, the buyer delayed in paying the legal fees and amount differences.

Completion was not done within 3+1 months. So, I asked the lawyer to charge interest if they still need the house. The buyer is also paying additional 3 months interest on daily basis but till now lawyer is still not able to complete the process. The lawyer always gives excuses saying, pending for letters and ext.

I don't know who to blame and whether to cancel the property sale or not. The lawyer was not giving proper info and always breaking promises. He lied to me almost 3 months by mentioning that the 1st payment will be released to settle the bank loan in few days time but until now loan still not released for disbursement. Can I change the lawyer for my side?
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answered on Apr 13, 2017 at 18:21
What is the lawyer name?

Can i change the lawyer for my side?
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