Self Represent At Court To Fight Affin Bank

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asked on Mar 28, 2017 at 07:51
by   kunta_kinti
Purpose of this thread is to share court experience in my FIGHT with AFFIN BANK on credit card debt.

My original debt = RM9k.
I was served bankruptcy notice (Amount  RM77k) in 2015 thru substitute service.

I took the fight since then (already more than 1 year from date of noticed served). Throughout this period, i have attended court not lesser than 30 times; including attend case management, filing documents, file searches. TODAY, I AM STILL NOT A BANKRUPT PERSON. 

FYI, I am a layman. Cannot be more layman than layman.

End of 2016, the PKP rejected my application to set aside CP.
I made an appeal. Now the case is pending for decision by Judge in Chamber.

Stay tune for more.
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