Need help with fighting banks to avoid bankruptcy

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asked on Mar 23, 2017 at 00:42
by   Freya
To all fighters in the forum, I need help!

I am another debtor who owe banks too much money and might get notice of bankruptcy soon.

My aim?  

About me:
Age: Turning 42 this year (jobless in 2012, 2013, working in 2014, worked for 2 months in 2015 and current job started end Oct 2016), now having a job is the reason why I am concerned about my financial crisis/status.

Total debts: ~ RM435,000 (snowball since 2013)
Breakdown of debts (as at 14/Mar/2017):
Stand Chart: RM143,800 (interest stopped after I emailed them all my medical report)
Citibank: RM37,112.92
CIMB: RM16,245.52
UOB: RM131,443.65
OCBC: RM75,000++
HSBC: RM27,169.52 (interest stopped)
HLB: RM101,100.18 

Legal status (as in ccris report dated 14/Mar/2017): 
Citibank: Three Judgement Order (only received one court summon though!!)
OCBC: Summon/Writ files (but didn't receive any summon from them!!!)
HLB: Judgement order (didn't receive any summon from them too!!)
UOB: received court summon, but legal status is clear in ccris report.

As for the date of the Judgement order/Summon, the ccris report a bit cacat, I can't see the year, the last digit is missing, for eg: Date Status Updated = 12/07/201 ??? (truncated because printer issue I think).
For this issue, can I call the banks to ask for the exact date?

Went to AKPK recently and they proposed a monthly instalment of RM3500 for the first 2 years, according to the counselor, all banks refused to waive interest or discount even though he proposed, this I don't really believe, don't tell me, out of 7 banks, not even one bank is willing to give RM1000 waiver/discount?
So my journey of fighting officially starts today.

I would like to get the exact date of the writ/judgement order, should I call the banks up?

I am prepared to fight, I am still reading up threads, William Chan's book, "how to represent yourself in court to fight banks" as well as bankruptcy act 1967, posting my issue here as you guys are more knowledgeable, experienced and can give better advice faster as what I can absorb from the threads and books are limited in some sense. 
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