Outstanding bills from previous tenant and irresponsible landlord

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asked on Mar 10, 2017 at 06:13
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I'm currently renting an apartment with outstanding electric and water bills which are beyond my capability.. As I'm dependent on scholarship monthly, doing full time PhD and need quiet place so am alone.

The case: previous tenant didn't pay the electric bills for almost a year (big amount, I wish I can just handle it myself..) and the landlord still rent it out to new tenant with the help of an agent help, thus I am the victim.. I just worry if Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) plans to cut the electricity supply as the bill is over RM1,000 and 1 year due (really really beyond my capability of scholar and not my fault)

I didn't know about the outstanding before signing the agreement.. even my own agreement, which was done by agent's lawyer for about RM250 was paid from my own money but I can't see which law firm or lawyer did this from the agreement.. maybe the agent's group lawyer..

According to the agent, the landlord promises to settle through police report. I am only able to contact the agent who refused to let me have the contact of my landlord. The agent does not seem to be taking my words seriously.

I'm here to seek advice on my rights in this case from those with experience. Oh God, I wish I can leave this place because inconvenient factor (no public transport or taxi here for real).

Yeah, I know this sound stupid. I am not in good terms with my brother who kicked me out of his own in KL. I had only 4 days to find a house and that landed me with this unlucky house in Serdang. I was in a rush and did not check properly.

Thank you for your understanding and help. 
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answered on Apr 3, 2017 at 03:26
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Nothing much you can do except to shift out.

The moral of the story is to ask to view electricity and water bill before signing any agreement.
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