How to cancell Professional Visit Pass (PVP) Visa and apply for Spouse Visa

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asked on Mar 1, 2017 at 00:10
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I am a Malaysian.  My wife is Chinese national.  We registered marriage on July 2016 in Putrajaya.  We gave birth a baby in Malaysia December 2016 and the baby now has a MyKid card.
She wants to apply a spouse visa but immigration officer in Putrajaya and Sri Hartamas told us she needs to apply a tourist visa from China. Then she can apply the Spouse visa program.
The problem is she is currently under Professional Visit Pass (PVP) visa in the country.  The PVP visa is expiring mid March 2017.  Immigration told us she must get her employer to cancel the PVP visa before the visa expires / leaving the country.  She would not be able to enter Malaysia again if she doesn’t do so.  This is a ruling we don’t know until now.  

The problem is her employer went missing while she was pregnant and delivery of my baby.  We cannot get her employer to cancel her PVP.  Everyone in the company just disappeared.  Non of the officer from Putrajaya and Sri Hartamas can advice us what to do next but only ask us to get the employer to cancel the PVP visa which is not possible for us to do so.  Can you advice what we should do now?  What we can do to cancel this PVP visa and apply tourist visa for the spouse visa application.  We want to have a normal family living in Malaysia.
We have a valid marriage certificate registered in Malaysia and China.
Can you help us on this?  Thank you in advance!
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answered on Mar 1, 2017 at 01:45
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What did you ask/request of/from Immigration?

The PVP is just the Professional Visit Pass. Long time ago, it is called the Expatriate Visa/Pass which carries a 2-year term.

Leaving Malaysia before the 2-year term, it has to be cancelled by the employer. What is there to cancel if the PVP expires? Just take a plane out before expiry date. Check with Immigration to see if require letter of "exit" for non renewal or completion of Employment contract from employer. For Foreign General Workers, after completion of their Employment Contract, the company has to write to the Immigration and sort of received exit letters (not exit pass). The company has to escort the worker right up to the departure gates of the airport and make sure that they pass immigration. For PVP, I have no experiences.

Gong back to China then she can apply for Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) from Malaysian Embassy. For first timers, they may just give 6 months LTSVP. Come back to Malaysia then apply for extension of LTSVP for longer periods. There is no such visa as "SPOUSE VISA". The LTSVP of 2, 3, 5 years are for spouses of Malaysians only. Hence agents always call it wrongly as Spouse Visa to attract business. Without children, they allow short period, with child, up to 5 years mainly for the purpose of applying PR.

There is no choice or short cut. She has to go back there to China unless you can find the ex Boss. Do follow the correct immigration process or else application of PR can go upside-down, down the road. This is my personal view based on very old system that I know. There are many changes for the past few months. So do check properly what you want for wife. Is your wife brought in by agents last time? Is she a real "Professional"? The whole company disappears is very "funny". Only registered companies in Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) can bring in PVP personnel.

Even if the country's biggest immigration centers cannot answer you, what can others do?
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answered on Mar 1, 2017 at 02:57
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by   jeff005

 "apply tourist visa for the spouse visa application"
1. DO NOT APPLY for "tourist visa" in China.  Apply for LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass) with multiple entries. "Tourist" is just 30 days only or as per specs in the Visa, as Chinese Nationals need a Visa to enter into Malaysia.
2. There is no such thing as Spouse Visa. There may have a spouse visa program.

Please check carefully with the Immigration with the correct terms used. Some new officers may be as confused as you are.
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