Out of wedlock birth

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asked on Feb 19, 2017 at 20:26
Hi, I am a Muslim, 31, currently 4 months pregnant.
What's the procedure like of having a baby as an unmarried single mother?
I was told it's more complicated taking into consideration that I am Muslim.
Is it true that the baby will be stateless? And things will be difficult for the baby?
Should I consider giving birth overseas and have a proper birth cert or just go with it in Malaysia and see how it goes?

Thank you.
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answered on Feb 19, 2017 at 21:58

Opinions from a Non-Muslim

Legally speaking, non-Muslim is not allowed to speak about issues concerning Illegitimate Muslim childbirth. You should be seeking advice from a Competent Qualified Syariah Lawyer.

By Constitutional Laws your child follows the citizenship of the mother but how to register the birth of the child at any Malaysia Embassy when you are a Muslim and esp unwed? You are still subjected to Syariah Laws of Malaysia for birth registration of a child.

Is it true that the baby will be stateless?
Different states have slightly treatment with regards to the State Syariah Laws.

And things will be difficult for the baby?

1. Does the father (Muslim or non-Muslim) wants the child?
2. Do you have funds to give birth overseas, e.g. Indonesia or Thailand.
3. You have to travel and live in the above 2 countries by the 6th month of pregnancy.
4. You incur a lot of expenses to apply for long term stay in other countries, living expenses, application of long term visa/pass. No airlines will fly a pregnant lady at 6th month (legally).
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answered on Feb 19, 2017 at 22:15
Giving of views as a Non-Muslim

This was related to me 12 years ago by a Muslim unwed mother.

At age 18, she was pregnant just after leaving school. The bf ran away.
She went to a Muslim welfare home and seek help at an advanced pregnancy stage.
The welfare home accepted her and took care of her.
After the birth of the child, the child was taken away from her and was put up for adoption.
The child was issued proper legal documents but was not registered in her name and she was NOT shown any of those documents. A few years later, she have the earning capacity to raise a child, but going back to the welfare home, they were no traces of her as having been there before.

It is very sensitive to discuss about child birth of unwed Muslim single mother.

Perhaps you can approach this organisation for help.

"Sisters In Islam". They have the legal strength and expertise to help and they are all Lawyers.
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