Hypothetically, can I sue her company for getting involved in personal family matter?

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asked on Feb 14, 2017 at 18:03
by   moanamoon
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Am going through a divorce, wife filed for it. We have a son together. Long story short, She's blocked all form of communication with me except thru SMS which she uses it as a message board and whatever left of our broken communication. So I call her direct office line to chat with her, my only way of getting to her, and asking about our child since we share his responsibility now.

Before Chinese New Year (CNY), it was fine she even called me from the office phone but after CNY dinner, now she's wanting to report police for harassing her office phone. She keeps slamming my calls ending all conversations abruptly. Just previously she said no divorce but live separate, but now after CNY, she's adamant about having the divorce after "helped by her colleague", and her boss advice her to make a police report on me. I did not call the office phone to harass her or her colleagues, only to ask for my wife, and to check whether she's in. I apologized to her boss on several occasion.

Hypothetically, can I sue her company or any legal way for her work colleagues in their working capacity not to get involved in our personal family matter?

CORRECTION: I've yet received the paper, but she informed she filed. 
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