How To Represent Yourself in Court to FIGHT BANKS

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asked on Feb 6, 2017 at 22:25
by   jeff005
edited on Feb 7, 2017 at 00:31
by   jeff005
William's Chan Book

I have in hand limited copies of the above book.

Can Email me

Preliminary T & C of sale
1. Mint Copy  RM30
2. Mint Copy  RM50 ( Authographed by William Chan )

Can be sent to outstation by POST LAJU  (Receipient to bear charges)
If urgent cases can collect from Jalan Old Kelang Road Kuala Lumpur

Email To: < >

Notes :
I am securing the permission and signature from William Chan for Resale on Personal Basis. 
Please be patient. For Authographed copy, i need to obtain his signature first.
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answered on Feb 6, 2017 at 22:27
by   jeff005
edited Feb 6, 2017 at 22:30
by   jeff005

This is no hoax or scam. Today's Newspaper of THE STAR.

Mr. William Chan original signature (this is my own copy - not for sale)
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answered on Feb 7, 2017 at 00:10
by   jeff005
edited Feb 7, 2017 at 00:37
by   jeff005
Contents of this book: 

1. Preface 
2. Get your priorities right 
3. Should you contest a bank summons 
4. Should you use lawyers or represent yourself 
5. Do your homework 
6. Know your enemy 
7. Early preparations 
8. Negotiating with the banks 
9. Sample negotiation letter 
10. Blacklisted 
11. Help! My account is frozen 
12. What to do every night 
13. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally 
14. Your first day in court 
15. What if the bank lawyers did not turn up 
16. Court filings 
17. Notice of appearance 
18. Holey cow 
19. Preparing your defence 
20. Sample defence 
21. Affidavits 
22. Sample affidavit 
23. Buying time 
24. Sample application for transfer 
25. Example supporting affidavit 
26. Hearings 
27. Go fishing 
28. Understanding summary judgement 
29. Sample speech skeleton 
30. Judgment day 
31. What happens if you lose 
32. Sample appeal notice 
33. Staying alive 
34. Surprise attack (serang hendap) 
35. Your surprise attack speech 
36. Trial 
37. Guerrilla tactics 
38. Sample guerrilla attack letter 
39. What happens if you win 
40. Sample court order 
41. Calculating costs 
42. At the appeals hearing 
43. What the bank can do to you if they win 
44. Bankruptcy proceedings 
45. Bankruptcy roadmap 
46. Bankruptcy FAQ 
47. Closing 
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answered on Feb 8, 2017 at 16:15
by   azilayati
hai jeff005,

kau ni William Chan kah?
i ingat buku ini sudah out of print.
Lepas diskaun berape harganya?
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answered on Feb 8, 2017 at 17:05
by   jeff005
edited Feb 8, 2017 at 19:42
by   jeff005
Hai azil

Sy travel alor setar, penang, kuantan, mersing, JB, pontian, muar, melaka, seremban pada masa CNY. Ada bbrp bookstore ada satu atau 2 buku.. Sapu semua la.

Sorry no discount.. my travelling costs very high. Hotel rate +20% masa raya.
Tempat2 tersebut tidak ada sampan services which can be much cheaper.

purchasers of this book will get

1. Free 30 mins Counselling, Face to Face, based on what is written in the book and provided you have brought along all the relevant documents pertaining to the First Summons in Court. So, you will know what to do next step and what the banks will do next. If you consult Lawyers, easily RM200-300 per 30 mins session.

2. For outstation buyers, post the documents here on this forum, and it would be answered. Use the name that you have purchased the book.

Sy Jeff005.....  bukan Mr. William Chan.

Anyway, the pic of the Author is inside.. Want to see Author's face? Get the book.!!
Waliao.. Handsum lo..
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answered on Feb 8, 2017 at 19:14
by   Enquirer2017
hi jeff, already email you. Can meet in old klang road? Pls. check you email.
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answered on Feb 8, 2017 at 19:29
by   jeff005
edited Feb 8, 2017 at 19:59
by   jeff005
I have already replied to all
Problem is, none of the names id used at my email, is not in the forum.
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answered on Feb 8, 2017 at 19:52
by   jeff005
In the last page of the BOOK

The Author photo is there under "Disclaimer"
Here is a a sample..!!

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answered on Feb 11, 2017 at 17:08
by   jeff005

Come Guys
Let's throw Love Oranges at Tasik Jaya P.J. tonite 
To celebrate the Resurrection of THE BOOK..??
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answered on Feb 15, 2017 at 07:01
by   moanamoon

book stil available. some of the steps are relevant to me right.
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answered on Feb 15, 2017 at 15:08
by   jeff005
edited Feb 15, 2017 at 17:51
by   jeff005
@ moanamoon

This is a very good Law Book to read.
Simple and DIY to Self Represent
People can buy and study it to help others and own self.
It is comprehensive enough up to the initial stages of bankruptcy.

This book originated based on court cases in 2007,2008,2009
Court Rules & Regulations have been revamped in 2012, making some examples (5%) not so applicable in the legal sense. An example is the filing of Notis Kehadiran and debts quantum.
In the past most debt cases hovers around RM5,000, nowadays where got?

This is the only Law Book available in the country for Debts Litigation examples.
Many samples of how to file Affidavits in court is there and how to reply the bankers lawyers.
Just to file an reply of Affidavit, legal charges can be RM500-2,000 according to the seriousness of the debt litigation, the amount filed and the size of the legal firm.
There are two other books written by Malay Authors in Melayu, now extinct, if i am not wrong.
Just to photostat and binding of this 70 pages book is at least RM40.
No publisher would take a reprint for slow moving books.

Last piece of Good & Sound Advice
Just by understanding the court process in Debts Litigation will/can save you thousands of ringgits as unprofessional lawyers will not tell you. Once a case starts from Magistrate Court can transfer to High Court, High Court to Court of Appeal, the jump from one category to next category of court is NOT just ten thousand of ringgit in lawyers fees. Can be 20,000 for starters.

@Mr. Wiiliam Chan
If I have written not too accurate, please correct me.

@vkpc "Ditto"

@The Avengers "Ditto"
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