Foreigner girl wants to get birth certificate but the boyfriend is still marrried

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asked on Jan 23, 2017 at 06:01
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Just want to know if I can get birth certificate for my 11 months old son...because my boyfriend is still married...but he is going to divorce soon...he is also willing to put his name as my son's father... I'm a single Filipino and not working. I gave birth here in Putrajaya. Hope to hear something from anyone here. Thanks.
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answered on Jan 23, 2017 at 16:05
Just want to know if I can get birth certificate for my 11 months old son..
Where did you give birth
Government Hospital
Private Hospital
Private Clinic
Did anybody give you (the doctors) any birth documents to apply for Birth certificate?

Why you did not register the birth of your child at that time?

Please take note you may have overstayed in Malaysia, that includes your child.
what race is your bf, chinese, malay, indian or others?
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answered on Jan 23, 2017 at 22:20
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by   jeff005
@ Dimplegir

Personal Views & Advice as a single parent (non-legal)

1. There is just a posting that there is an Amnesty offer to immigrants of THE PHILIPPINES.
2. Take advantage of this, go home, get a legal status for your child.
3. There is a much shorter period of BAN for re-entry from this amnesty offer.
4. Come back legally after the BAN period with your child.
5. The child follows the citizenship of the mother.
6. Get docs from your Embassy for your child.
7. Whether the child's father will marry you or not is no longer important.
8. The legal status of your child is upmost important NOW. Think wisely.

Answer to your Q..
Just want to know if I can get birth certificate for my 11 months old son.. 
Very difficult as 
1. Unmarried
2. You could have overstay and have to leave.
3. Even if you can get after 11 months of child birth, it will be a pink Birth Cert which is useless.
4. The citizenship follows the unmarried migrant mother, still also have to leave Msia.
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