How Change House Ownership for Divorcee

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asked on Jan 21, 2017 at 00:15
Hi All,

I would like to seek your expertise and appreciate for your kind answers.

I am an expat that divorced with Malaysian.
While married we bought a house using my ex-husb name as well the loan was under his name.
The property was worth for 300k (in Malaysia, expats only can own property >1M).

Once divorce, he decided to assigned it to me.
Hence in the High Court Decree for our divorce it stated that the house will be appointed to me.
On top of that, he signed the power attorney and will which stated the same.

The house is still under loan and currently I paying the loan. As my understanding we can only change the ownership of the property once it settled (please correct me if my understanding is wrong). 

My question is:
1. So if the loan settled, will it be any problem in the future for me to change the ownership from my ex husband name to my name?
2. Is the power attorney and the high court decree is sufficient as a supporting document to change the ownership in the land office once the loan is settled?
3. Will the bank accepting the power attorney and the high court decree as a valid document?
4. As I am an expat, can the ownership changed to my name since the Malaysia regulation stated expat only can own >1M property? Can the High Court Decree overrule this regulation?

Thank you very much and have a great day.
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answered on Jan 21, 2017 at 03:46
Poor advices from divorce lawyer not taking into account foreign ownership restriction.

Sell the house now to cut possible losses in the future

Not all T&C stated in the Decri Nisi can work smoothly sometimes

Option 1

Option 2
Wait tlll the house value is over 1 million
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